Friday, January 22, 2016

Moment of my angst

It has been almost a year since I wrote anything for this blog...

Nothing much has changed even today except realization of the society we live in; our opportunistic society that tries to encash even a death. A student, a scholar, from the University (UOH) I studied has lost his life in his fight for equality.

Where is the freedom to live and express the way we want to? How can we torture a soul to an extent that he ends his life? How can we let political parties, who never cared, to sing their song on someone's tragedy? These are just a few questions that have been haunting me since the day I heard about it. 

As already much has been said and is being done, I have nothing more to add but these few lines for the person whose eternal silence is deafening enough... 

I was silent. 
I will be silent..

But there will come a moment..
The moment of my empowerment..
of my angst,
to take away the might in you...
That moment of my justice. 

Like a tide I will rise
to engulf you..
To leave you dis-empowered...
Like a tide I will wait for my moon
to rise and take you in...

And then I will be silent again. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First of 2015!

What seems like an eternity, I am finally back on my blog...Still, better late than never!

For what I have been up to in these five-six months, there is nothing so concrete to justify the prolonged break which I took from my blog! Although the break wasn't from writing.

I have been writing for my novel, the very first. So about that, let me know not start here. After writing about half of it, I have decided to rewrite it - results of my habit of analysing and criticising my writing again and again!

Apart from that, I have been writing short stories as well. Few just for myself; a few for publishing.
One such story is "Baba and his Stories", which did got published in the literary fiction magazine "e-fiction India". My first ever story to get a space in magazine, amidst the write-up of many brilliant writers. After all, first is always special so will be this...

So about the other things I have been doing?  Shall update you later :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rickety bridge

When tears dried up
and eyes refused to bleed,
You suffered in silence.

When the warmth faded
and the love washed out
You shivered in coldness.

In dearth of emotions,
Your soul died of hunger.

You fought
For your ego,
For the hatred, which you had spilled everywhere

Plucking the rose away,
you fought for the thorns

Standing on the insecure bridge of relations
You broke the frail thread,
which had kept it still even on the stormiest of nights


Monday, May 19, 2014

Promises, on a dark night ...

It was a darkened night 
when moon seemed so cold,
You had called it a night so bright
You promised me the warmth of fire 
when the strokes of winds were freezing the soul in me

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Glamour Doll

Dressed in silk
And in diamond
The one I bought from the shop of pretensions
I wondered like a Glamour Doll.

Brightening the darkness,
Fading with the light,
I hovered like a firefly

Caught in the ornamented desert
I concealed the greenness of my simplicity

It was the night when
when I had existed like a fly; 

The one who was trapped inside a Caterpillar. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Goa...Yes Its crazy!

I love surprises, who doesn't? They make you feel special and loved. Isn't it? By the way I am talking about those "good" surprises. The kinds which leave their mark in your life- the best kinds. My trip to Goa, yes my very first visit to Goa, was a surprise gift. 

Initially I was told we are going for the Highway movie. I said "yes, let go"

 Next day I was told we are going to Baptla, for a day.  I was pleasantly surprised. I smiled and said again “Yes lets go! 

As you can see how accommodating and cooperating I am, I was ready with my tiny bag for a day trip too.

Then in evening I was told we have to take a connecting bus to Baptla. I said “cool. Lets take”.

Instead of getting into any connecting bus, we boarded the bus to Goa. And thanks to my amazing spatial understanding, it didn't take much time to convince me that this bus will drop us somewhere near Baptla!
But then truth had to make its way out and it did, in its own way. The conductor came to check the tickets and then, at that very moment I saw the ticket with those magical words written on it “Hyderabad – Goa”. 
I didn't scream with happiness, I didn't shout and I didn’t even cry. I know that how melodramatic it would have been if I did any of these. So thankfully I just sat smiling. I was basically lost, off course with happiness.  
That’s how my first trip to Goa started. It took almost one day to digest the fact that I am in Goa.  

                                                          Morning at Calangute Beach

So how was my Goa experience?  Oh it was BEAUTIFUL. Goa is a place which can make even a boring person like me to go out and live life to the fullest. No no I am not making this up. Seeing me going crazy, my friend had actually told me this!It can makes “oh-not-so-loud” person also sing at the peak of her voice, and yes in the middle of the road. It makes you dance on bike. 

Not just eccentricity and partying, Goa is perfect for a candle lit dinner by the beach side, or  to just lie down, listening to the deafening yet reassuring sound of waves as they come closer to you and in an instant  leave you too.

What more? You have not just two or three but MANY beaches to hop around.  Have a peaceful morning at a secluded corner on the Anjuna Beach or just have a relaxing afternoon at the Calangute beach or trip on the live music at the Arambole. You have too many ways to entertain yourself.

You have those regular visits to churches and lakes as well. Nightlife of Goa is something not to be missed so is the shopping here.  As you know that my trip was unplanned so shopping here proved to be the most useful.  I wore almost everything I bought at the beaches.

Not many would suggest but let me say - go for a ride to the old Goa. On perfectly isolated roads, passing through the captivating surroundings makes for a memorable ride which become even better when you are caressed by refreshing breeze.

Then you have amazing Maupsa streets offering you f interesting gift choices to take back home. You have hawkers selling handmade anklets to colorful woven bags. Also buy a few packets of  spices and dried fruits to make your Mom happy.

Coming to food, the most important part! Don’t go for fancy Italian or Mexican choices. If at beach just stick to basic like French fries and spaghetti pasta and you will have a good time. On the beaches, there are not many promising restaurants but out in the city you will have quite a lot of options. The best part is that most of them are designed aesthetically. And yes they are CLEAN too.  Here I am talking about not the five star but the moderately priced ones. Another thing which I loved about eating here is that you don’t have to think about the time, you have places which are open at 1 am as well.

Basically I loved every moment of mine at this place! Even my guest house Aunty, an extremely sweet, relaxed lady. 

                                                       At Arambole Beach

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wish I was a doctor treating my enemies! With due respect to the field, off course ;)

Have you ever wondered how doctors and nurses would be feeling while inserting needles inside us or slicing the skin of their patients! I guess nothing much. Off course they are used to it and by now know how to not let have themselves get affected by so called ‘emotions’, empathy to be precise.

Image courtesy- Google Images

Blood tests are no big deal. We all know that. Although slight painful, it is just a matter of few seconds. A comparatively thick needle is inserted in one of your blood vessels to suck out as much as blood required. That’s it. Matter ends there.

Ct Scan, X rays and all those high profile ones with huge machines are still better. However, illnesses which they are used to diagnose don’t fall in anything close to good or better.

Endoscopy is one of the most painful tests, so tiny yet so painful, just like those damn ant. No matter how tiny it appears to be, never ever let it enter any of your hole! The experience gets even more memorable when your doctor put that wire like rod inside your nose and decides to have a discussion at that very moment; moving it inside your nose as if inside it’s a free space to loiter around.

Another thing you must avoid is the skin allergy. No matter what allergies you have, make it point to find it out solely with your observation. If in case, you decide to get it done, not just you shed a lot of money but are subjected to heights of boredom and yes a bit of pain too.  

Fortunately, may be not, my doctor decided to get my skin allergy test done to find out reason of my allergies. When she asked me I had happily agreed till I went into that dreadful room. Inside the room, there was an extremely pleasant nurse who smiled to me more than required.  Not sure if that smile was because of the test she was going to do on me or for the fact that I am sister of one of the prominent doctors at their hospital.  Whatever the reason was, she smiled. And the more she smiled, the more I got suspicious of her motives.

So what happened next? She came to me and asked me what I am allergic to.

“I don’t know. This is the reason why I have come here. To find out what I am allergic to.” I thought but didn't utter a single word. Instead like one of those obedient kinds I tried to tell her of the things which I thought I could be allergic to.

At last, she decided to test me for 17 different allergens.  She chose not to explain me how she was going to do it. All she did was to make me extend both my hands and place them over the bed; like an eternal begging gesture. I sat there with my arms and palms extended. Then she came with a box with numerous tiny bottles, each with a label of its name. These bottles had food, dust and all kinds of allergens inside them. So what my lady did now. She came and marked 17 sites with a pen on my hand and then placed drops of those 17 allergens by their sides.

“Ah this is easy. Now she will just see if I develop any rashes on skin and I will be done with it”, I thought.  
However, soon I was stuck with reality when I asked her.

“This is it? Will you just notice any changes if they occur?” I asked.

“No”, she replied.

“Then?”  I asked again. This time slightly scared.

“I will insert all these allergens into your blood now”, she replied while coming to me with a tiny blade!

No matter how small, it is no joke if they prick you 17 times on your hand.  

How I wish I was medico treating my enemies...just for once! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Elections - I shall blabber too!

Elections, this is what we all are talking about. Isn't it? Media has sensationalized elections in ways more than I could comprehend. Elections, yes, as they say the biggest game show of our country. It has more masala than any Bollywood movie. It sells better than the best selling fiction. It has followers which are larger than of any cult. It creates chaos yet the excitement of a fair. It is the biggest gamble which leaves not just one or two but the entire country affected. It fills your pocket but can also snatch every single penny of yours. It gives you the glory yet risks your entire life’s respect too.  Elections - the most sensational, fascinating national affair. And Media makes it all the more exciting.

Varanasi seems to be their favorite, for the obvious reasons. Our very aam Arivind Kejriwal is no more aam, thanks to all of us. Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, all seems to have acquired ample of media space, a bit of which they sought and bought and a bit which they got. More on that later!

Delhi elections also got enough of lime light during last elections. The results made it even more thrilling.  
Present elections have also many of the glamorous, sensational, unacceptable, unthinkable and yes frightening factors associated to it. Apart from the seriousness and sensibility of the issues, the focus has been more on the sensational aspect.  If you look at it, amusing the whole affair is. Not just the media coverage but the election itself.

Rakhi Sawant’s entry in the Politics amused me the most, with all due respect to her eccentric choices till now. Though I do wonder, how her usage of words and love for drama will get fulfilled here. Oh yes, it WILL satiates all kinds of needs/aspirations. It is politics after all. The best was Poonam Pandey being contacted to campaign for a political party.

Exciting it is to see Raghu of THE roadies accompanying AAP candidate during a campaign rally. Celebrities seem to be another popular choice among parties.

What next?  This election has seen the biggest ever (mis)use of media. Bombarding us with all kinds of advertisements throughout the day is irritating rather than motivating us to vote for them. I feel utterly helpless when after every song on fm I get to listen “Acche din aane wale hain…hum Modi ji ko lane wale hain”! If not this then there will be the Congress advertisement on employment and youth. Wonder whose good days are coming and who in actuality will get the employment.

Unsure, unaware, we have to wait for the tamasha to get over. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Creating the life

You, an adeptly crafted art,
remained unaware of the hearts,
you swept away so easily.

Glowing on the darkest of nights
which you lighted with your eyes bright

Standing oblivious,
You mesmerized me with your beauty,

With my heart lost and soul mystified,
I seek you now; to be by my side,

To create a life in our own stride

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I and You

I am the light of your dawn
and the darkened nights too

I am that rose in your garden 
and its thorn too. 

I am the route to your forgotten path
and the mystifying maze too.

I am the warmth of your abode
and the freezing breeze too 

I am the reality to your dreams   
and your imaginations too

I am the moon of your romantic nights
and the reason of your lonely sighs too

I am the love of your lost soul
and the pain of your loses too

Who am I?
I am your muse

And you...
the creator.