Saturday, January 31, 2009

Live Life King-size

This may sound like any other clichés which have lost their meaning because of over usage. My journey to Guwahati in December reminded me of this phrase. Two of my co-passenger or I must say three of them showed the true meaning of living your life in king size manner. Am I sounding too philosophical?? But I can’t put it in any other way. To know why, let’s begin the journey.
A man of almost 40, sitting on my right side was suffering from half paralytic attack. A native of Assam, he was going back after undertaking some treatment in Bangalore. Unaffected by his illness, he didn’t show any sign of pain and dissatisfaction. Full of humour and liveliness, he stopped almost every hawker and pantry-person, teasing them, singing and shaking on every song- he sat an example for all of us.
The other heroic personality of my journey is a lady probably in her mid-50s. Taking insulin injections thrice in a day along with a dozen of medicines, she was equally energetic as my other co-passenger. She was playing cards, chatting with other travelers, now and then indulging in serious discussions over various issues. She was certainly enjoying life more than me.
A young man in 20s, a BE student from Bangalore is the third example of vivacity. In spite of a fractured hand, he was doing everything by himself without expecting any one to come for help. You may not see anything extraordinary in him. But by seeing his calmness and the ease with which he was bearing the pain of a fractured hand forced me to include him in my ‘bravo-list’.
The positive outlook with which they look at their life is an example in itself. ‘Life becomes beautiful when you look at it as a gift rather than as a burden’- they seem to say it again and again.


  1. hehe , that must be a compartment reserved for the disabled :)
    btw , been there , done that. Its painfully long journey in bang-ghy express :(

  2. ya true my most journey are generally painfull!!!

    but still m positive and looking forard to my next journey....