Thursday, January 22, 2009

My JAB WE MET which never happened…

I am not going to talk about Kareena and Shahid’s movie Jab We Met. It’s my experience which I will share with you all. It happened much after the movie on my way back to Bangalore. After one week of amazing stay at Chandigarh, I boarded my train from Delhi station. The beginning of my journey was quite boring. I was surrounded by God’s amazing creations. And I guess He sent everyone to my coach!
Let me first talk about my co-passengers. In front of me was a “complete-happy” family- Father, Mother and their pretty-almost –perfect-daughter (which at least, they believe). Throughout the journey, the parents were busy pampering their ‘only’ child and the child in throwing all kinds of tantrums. For half of the journey, I was busy watching the ‘Live Family Drama’!! Mummy dearest was compelling the child to eat all the food available on earth. And ‘Daddy’ like a true husband was extending his full support by getting all the stuff available.
Hmm…enough of their story! Now, let me tell you about some of my better experiences. On the top seat of my coupe, there was a person of nearly my age- the biggest relief which I had during that journey. Due to absence of any other choices, we started talking as soon as we saw each other. During our ‘intro’ talk, I came to know that he already knew my name (God know how boys managed to do that). For two days of journey, we did almost everything together. Standing near the gate, getting down at every station, chatting and sometimes irritating the pantry personnel- my journey suddenly became interesting.
During this time, my potential Jab We Met happened! It was a warm sunny morning when our train stopped at one of the stations (I don’t remember the name). The stoppage was for 15 minutes. I along with my Mr. Co-passenger hurriedly got down. Sitting at an unknown station, having your morning tea, is an experience in itself. After enjoying one of the best tea preparations of my life, we started reading the newspaper. And then again one more cup of tea without realizing that our train has already started!! Our first reaction was of shock and shouting. After few seconds, we became conscious of the consequences of getting lost in a strange place. So we ran like never before. Thanks to his tallness, he managed to get into the last coach of the train and then took me inside.
That was my potential Jab We Met which was just few minutes away from us. And I am relieved that it didn’t happen!

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  1. Awesome....Fantastic...(i can think of these two words only....poor vocabulary!!!!)..

    Well,this is my first interaction with this New World called BLOG WORLD...

    However after my introduction to this new world via ur Travelling Experiences..i m no more scared of finding any kind of boring stuff in the writings....and from now onwards i m going to go thru ur stuff...thats for sure...

    Its really GREAT!!!!!
    Its LIVELY!!!!!
    Its FULL OF ENERGY!!!!

    Keep It Up.......