Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Rendezvous with blogging...

Hi friends, here I am (Who am I? – See my profile) all set to start my blog.
Now that you have seen my profile, the second question which arises is ‘Why am I here?’
Hmm… there is no secret behind it. When I saw my friends engrossed in the blog world, I realized that I am missing out on something. The idea of sharing your experiences and views in your preferred way fascinates me. And above all that, the creative freedom to put across my feelings is the foremost reason of me being here. So I am out here to kill my boredom and write something which is sensible (at least to me!!).
I know what you all want to ask me next (How-because I know everything!)- So what If you are here? What we all have to do with it?
I also have an answer for that! You all can read my write-ups, post your comments and be with me through-out my journey in this new world.

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