Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pink Chaddi Campaign- Who’s Representation of Whom???

Pink Chaddi Campaign- you all must have seen or read about it. After such a needless and excess media-coverage, its impossible for anyone to be unaware of it. Sri Ram Nene getting loads of pink chaddis on Valentine Day was talk of the country few days ago.
This entire episode raises many concerns. To me, the entire campaign looks like an immature idea of some self- appointed guardians of human race, who without even getting close to the reality claims to know the best. It is a perfect example of we can transform a serous matter into sensational news.
Relevance of this campaign has raised many doubts. What was its impact? Apart from providing good juicy stories, has it done anything else? And the most important of all the questions, Is the amount of media coverage it received justified?
The campaign’s objective was visibly positive. The amount of coverage it attracted shows its success in publicizing itself. But the coverage seems to have focused more on the amount of pink- chaddis sold and on who sent it to whom, rather on the seriousness of the issue it addressed. The fault is not entirely of media, there were many loopholes on the part of campaign which resulted this.
Selection of an undergarment as a symbol to represent the support for Valentines Day is out of my understanding. How does chaddi serves the purpose of representing all the liberal section of the society which supports freedom of expression?
The campaign I suppose was to fight against the extremism and narrow-mindedness in the society. This could have been done with any other symbol representing the pureness of love. However, by connecting an undergarment to the issue of Valentine, our so called crusaders have themselves attached sexual connotation to the whole concept of celebrating Valentine Day, which is not the only meaning of the Day (however for some it can be). Even the colour pink seems to be only because of some special liking for the shade instead of any thought- out reason.
The limitation of the campaign only to internet and use of only English doesn’t make it a mass campaign, contrary to popular belief of most of the media. Instead it restricted itself to a particular net-literate section of people.
Sending chaddis to people and embarrassing them doesn’t seem to help the issue in any way. Girls, Couples were still beaten up, without any of these campaigners coming forward to fight for them.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Attracted my Attention

Have you felt the desire to write about someone whom you have seen just few minutes ago? I have experienced this. In fact I am writing this post because of the same compulsion. Right now I am sitting in train with my laptop open and in front me is sitting the reason of this post. I am on my way back to Hyderabad from Bangalore.

So who is the reason behind this post? He is an ok-looking man in his late 20s with nothing especial to impress anyone. Then why on Earth I am writing about him?? Because I don’t have anything else to do and I am highly bored.

Sometimes, it is real fun to write about someone without him/her having even the slightest idea. And in doing so, you get an amazing sense of amusement. At least I feel so! Like this young man, who has just entered the train has no idea that he is my target for this post.

Let me first describe him. He is one of those ‘self acclaimed Gentlemen of India’. His accent is complementing his over-the top mannerisms and his dressing sense is pathetic. Just imagine someone with fluorescent yellow t-shirt with a skinny jean for a night train journey. And above all he has that ‘I am the best’ kind of attitude.

The moment he entered the train, he made everyone uncomfortable. Even the poor porter who brought the luggage had to listen to his great philosophical talk about how Indians are looting each other. His only mistake was that he asked for money after completing his work. No wonder that he took just 20 rupees for all the work and ran away from our coupe.

Now came the turn of passengers sitting near to him. Unfortunately I am one among them! And guess what, he continued his lecture about the world, its people and their wickedness. I wish I could shut him up.

To ad on to my irritation, the Uncle sitting to my left suddenly gathering the entire energy of this world has started a debate with Mr. Intellectual. And believe me the debate is of no substance. Both are pointing out the same kind observations again and again.

I seriously wonder how people develop such misperceptions about themselves. Don’t they have even a single person who can tell them the reality? This guy especially reminds me of all the fake people I have ever come across. He surpasses all of them.

Anyway, I am going to leave this here. Because the aunty sitting by my side is staring on the laptop screen and unfortunately she is the mother of Mr. Cool-Dude!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why the grass is greener on the other side??

Why people want to copy others (read- westerners)? Why we always want to be like some one else? Why we underestimate ourselves and our capabilities? Why we think others are better than us? Why the grass is always greener on the other side??

Hmm…so many questions!! I know quite a lot in number. But no issues I will answer all of them. Not because I am incredibly intellectual but because all these questions are more or less same.

So here is my theory of people and their behavior. I think people who lack self-confidence want to be like others (quite obvious!). Their lack of belief in their surroundings and abilities heightens their desire of shifting to an entirely different identity. They try to regain self-confidence from external factors. In my opinion these types of people are more in control of external than internal factors.

For them dressing, accent and outer appearances seem to have more importance than the inner self. You all must have come across people who try to speak in American or British accent, copying their culture from head to toe, without any convincing reason. They all, according to me, lack self-belief in some or the other way. It also depends on how we perceive our Sense of Indianness. How we look at our culture, our upbringings, our values and our lifestyles. I am not being an over optimist and saying that everything here is good and perfect. But considering every thing bad and feeling ashamed of it is also not the right thing to do. Our accents are different because of our mother tongues, so feeling ashamed for your accent doesn’t get into my head. We can correctly speak English without copying the western tone.
Though there is nothing wrong to have a liking for different cultures and lifestyles. Even I am almost mad for anything which is unconventional, no matter how weird it is! What I don’t like is hiding our individuality to an extent where we can not even remember our true selves. We can be equally cool and trendy if we want, without losing touch with our culture. Copying the accent and trying to live like them doesn’t make us cool.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Date With Destiny

Have you ever had one?? I am still waiting for destiny to give me an appointment. But isn’t it sounds thrilling. Encounter with your destiny which has already been decided by someone somewhere at some point of time. The belief that it has the capacity to change our lives really excites me.
Wondering what’s wrong with me??
Yes you have guessed it right I have been reading Paulo Coelho a lot. And all this is a result of that!!
But I am still struggling to understand what this destiny is?? Is it the meeting with our soul mates (again Paulo Coelho effect!) or is it achieving the ambition of our lives, or having an unexpected experience which changes our outlook? Destiny is like a mystery. For each one of us it presents some different meaning.
I can’t think of anything else. May be I need to read more of Paulo Coelho!
If you have any idea about it, help me out…