Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Date With Destiny

Have you ever had one?? I am still waiting for destiny to give me an appointment. But isn’t it sounds thrilling. Encounter with your destiny which has already been decided by someone somewhere at some point of time. The belief that it has the capacity to change our lives really excites me.
Wondering what’s wrong with me??
Yes you have guessed it right I have been reading Paulo Coelho a lot. And all this is a result of that!!
But I am still struggling to understand what this destiny is?? Is it the meeting with our soul mates (again Paulo Coelho effect!) or is it achieving the ambition of our lives, or having an unexpected experience which changes our outlook? Destiny is like a mystery. For each one of us it presents some different meaning.
I can’t think of anything else. May be I need to read more of Paulo Coelho!
If you have any idea about it, help me out…


  1. I'm greedy so destiny is all the three.
    Rest assured you didn't read Paulo Coelho's name on the book cover. :)

  2. hmm...but I am wondering what are the other things which can be put under our so called "deastiny"