Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why the grass is greener on the other side??

Why people want to copy others (read- westerners)? Why we always want to be like some one else? Why we underestimate ourselves and our capabilities? Why we think others are better than us? Why the grass is always greener on the other side??

Hmm…so many questions!! I know quite a lot in number. But no issues I will answer all of them. Not because I am incredibly intellectual but because all these questions are more or less same.

So here is my theory of people and their behavior. I think people who lack self-confidence want to be like others (quite obvious!). Their lack of belief in their surroundings and abilities heightens their desire of shifting to an entirely different identity. They try to regain self-confidence from external factors. In my opinion these types of people are more in control of external than internal factors.

For them dressing, accent and outer appearances seem to have more importance than the inner self. You all must have come across people who try to speak in American or British accent, copying their culture from head to toe, without any convincing reason. They all, according to me, lack self-belief in some or the other way. It also depends on how we perceive our Sense of Indianness. How we look at our culture, our upbringings, our values and our lifestyles. I am not being an over optimist and saying that everything here is good and perfect. But considering every thing bad and feeling ashamed of it is also not the right thing to do. Our accents are different because of our mother tongues, so feeling ashamed for your accent doesn’t get into my head. We can correctly speak English without copying the western tone.
Though there is nothing wrong to have a liking for different cultures and lifestyles. Even I am almost mad for anything which is unconventional, no matter how weird it is! What I don’t like is hiding our individuality to an extent where we can not even remember our true selves. We can be equally cool and trendy if we want, without losing touch with our culture. Copying the accent and trying to live like them doesn’t make us cool.

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