Sunday, March 8, 2009

Break Speed Breakers

I hate speed breakers. Ya true I want to break all of them.
They alone are enough to break the enjoyment of a ride. The moments you start enjoying your ride, speed breaker appears and spoils the whole pleasure.
Why I am so against them???
I am not anti-speed breaker or anti- traffic rule. But the number of speed breakers our university has come up with is really upsetting me. Inside my hostel the great workers (I exactly don’t know who to blame!) have made two speed breakers. The moment I come out of my hostel there is a speed breaker waiting to give me a huge jolt even before the starting of my day. And after crossing it, when you relaxes hoping that at least now you can go without any additional slowing down you are stopped by another speed breaker!
Just outside the hostel gate they have made another speed breaker! And to add to the pleasantness of the whole scenario, it is just before the slope. So when you are cycling uphill, this speed breaker makes your job all the more difficult.
Sometimes I really wonder whose idea it can be. Every time I cross them my brain automatically starts praising the person whose amazing invention has resulted in this great creation of all time.
So you can understand why I hate sped breakers. After all too much of any thing is bad.


  1. Miss 'anti-speed breaker', nice article.U r so concerned.... I have also joined in your community 'I hate speedbreakers' from 1st sem, when i met an accident for the 'great stupid speed breaker' near students canteen.ufff......, seriously I cant find any reason for this multiple-unnecessary-speed-breakers in our campus.

  2. Dude. It is a boon for people who are scared of crossing the roads like me. Otherwise there are itne saare maniacs who can flatten you flatter than the doormat in your room. :p Jaan leva beemari hain re, roads without speedbreakers.

  3. Hi Sharda..ya I als support speed breakers but in city or busy raods..not inside our hostel!!!And one speed breaker would have been enough...

  4. @Itishree...having gone through the same kind of experience...I can totally empathise with you!!!

  5. I was thinking of speed breakers as euphemism for the breaks that life has on us that slows us down. Sme breaks r jus about..that u dont mind goin thru..but some r extremely sick, humourless that make u almst stop in ur tracks..if not stop altgether.
    Hai na?
    Loved ur blog. Write more. Ill visit u more.
    Anand. :-)

  6. @Anand...Thanx ya for your comment..Thats really motivating...