Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do you loiter?

Loitering is a kind of performance in which most of us have indulged at some point of our life. It’s an act subjective to a particular class, caste and religious section of the society. It has different implication on different people. Our perception of this act is also influenced by our position in the society.

To be true, I never thought that such a simple, apparently negligible action can have such a deeper meaning. I don’t know whether its my lack of intellect or exposure that I can’t see things in such an angle. Or may be I have both thats why I am not able to complicate simple things like roaming around!

But sometimes its fun. Its really amazing to see how people can come up with strong and heavy stuff on some trivial actions. Interestingly later they even convince us to believe their weird, out-of-nowhere thesis. Its highly eccentric and original. And I like it.

Lets take loitering as an example. When you first hear this word, what comes to your mind? I see it as a simple act of time-pass. I am sure you must have thought in the same way. But some people can’t understand this simple act. Instead, they will come up with unnecessary- lengthy- complicated definition of this.

Have you ever thought that roaming around can depict your economic, social and cultural background. How? If you are a low class, unemployed or poorly paid employee (read it men) or a low- moral women or a very high class, educated, independent women and then if you are roaming around, you are loitering.

Rubbish...Isn’t it? Even I felt the same way when I first heard it. However, at the same time I was also amazed with such a concept describing one of the most trivial things.

Hmm….but if you look carefully, all this is true. Have you ever noticed that most of the men standing and roaming around a public place belong to economic weaker section (except we students, who belong to no particular class!). This has two reasons. One due to unemployment and small jobs, they have ample amount of time to spend. Due to lack of money to go to restaurants and pubs they prefer to spent their time hanging around which is absolutely free. Other reason is the psyche of employed, highly paid men who consider loitering as time-wastage. Moreover, they don’t even have time to sleep properly so loitering is out of question.

Coming to women, why only low or high class women loiter? Thats because a middle class (working) woman has to manage both home and office. So even if they want, they don’t have time for it. On the other hand for a poor woman, who is supposedly ‘morally weak’ has to roam around to find their work. For them loitering is not time-pass but a way of earning their livelihood. And about high class women- they loiter because they don’t have any better work to do. But mind you its only fancy shopping malls and posh places.
So now if you see someone loitering around, think about it.


  1. Hmm... so now you have become the student of the communication dept in its true spirit! Making things complicated! Keep up making things complicated!!! 24358794548990p746geg647o Okay can you read this?

  2. first of all thank u dear...You also being a communication student I guess you can help in this task!

  3. You know? This is a very valid point. Women from higher circles "loiter", but in parties and pubs. For women across the other two strata, livelihood becomes very important. Indeed, they run the house. Very, very keen observation. Well put!:)

  4. @ Sharada...
    thanx Sharada...
    True...if you look carefully they are the one who loiter most of the time....