Friday, March 20, 2009

Students are conditioned to work at the last moment

Today our Dean came to class and showed all kinds of concern about our late submissions of assignment. Actually we are not bad in doing assignments. And when its something practical to do like coming up with a tabloid (which we have recently done), making posters, radio or video programs, we all take lots of interest and generally come up with pretty good stuff. Though we all do everything at the last moment, mostly on the night before the submission day, we try not to compromise with the quality of our work.

Working whole night with your friends, taking small breaks to chat, have tea or to go for a walk along with lots of tension have something special in itself. And then submitting just one minute before the deadline with an amazing feeling of relief are experiences of life-time. In that sense I am a true lover of last-minute submission!
But why we students (most of us) always submit our assignment at the last moment?
….because we are conditioned to do that. As kids we saw our siblings running all around in home before exams or submissions of assignments and our parents helping them to complete their work. Then in school and colleges we saw our seniors doing the same. So we grew up thinking that it’s normal to be late in doing assignments.

Apart from this, for some us its a representation of our rebellious nature. Some of us see doing things on time as succumbing to authorities, which is definitely wrong but one of the obvious reasons. If you have noticed many do this to be cool.

It looks like a tradition which every generation is following. Most of our lectures, parents and elders must have done the same thing when they were students. And this is the exciting part of students’ life. But this also requires lots of skill. You have to be ready to work whole night continuously and above all have to have the confidence of completing it exactly on time!


  1. Kewl... and I liked that confidence part..thatz so true..we have total faith on ourselves...and all 'coz of assignments...pretty Kewl!!!