Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Internship Time...

This is an internship period of my course. We all are busy doing at least something somewhere (how specific!). So what Am I doing and where? I am doing my internship in Madison Public Relations in Delhi.

Presently I am sitting in my office and scribbling for this post. Hey wait, this doesn’t mean I don’t do any work. Our day begins with reading almost all the newspaper of Delhi. We also get copies of newspaper from other cities.

Hmm…so what we do after reading them? We track the news of our client, send news update to the head office in Mumbai; we keep all those news clippings also. That’s very easy to do, right? So let me tell something about little complex and respectable side of my work. We interns also help our immediate seniors, i.e., our ‘Sirs’ and ‘Madams’ in their projects like scanning loads and loads of clippings, making hard copies and soft copies of dossiers, tracking the news of the clients competitors in the market, coming up with the ideas of a product launch, press release, etc and once in a while we are also sent to the client site. Along with this, we do one of the most important thing-dreaming that our seniors will take us to the meetings with clients!

So now you all know that usually I have work but today, for a change, I am quite jobless. That’s why thought of sharing my first experience of doing an internship with you all.
Will soon write more on this………..

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