Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Surprised by surprises

I love surprises. They are the combination of suspense, thrill and excitement. Being a lover of unconventionality and uniqueness, I like surprises to be well-planned and exclusive. As a whole I like giving surprises as well as love to get some. Be it small or big, I love all kinds of surprises.
One of the surprises I still remember was during my school days, most probably during my 12th class (I don’t remember exactly). It was a holiday and most of the people from our colony went to celebrate the day. I and my friends also decided to go for picnic but because of some personal reasons I couldn’t go. So disappointed by this development I was sitting outside my home. Suddenly I saw my friends Sheba, Deepika and others coming to my home with all the stuffs for picnic. Instead of going to a river side, we had our picnic in my house. It was special experience in itself.

There are also some small, simple but pleasant surprises which are close to my heart. For example my camera which I got as a gift from my sister Prachi, greeting cards from my friend Roy expressing her feeling about our friendship, Shree’s sudden visits whenever I go to Bangalore, Mom’s surprising me by making my favorite dishes, my brother bringing Corner House ice-cream and chocolates for me are some of the pleasant moments of my life.

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