Friday, May 1, 2009

The Test of Patience

Have you ever thought of jumping out of the plane in the middle of the journey?? I have experienced this sudden strong suicidal feeling on my way to Delhi last winter. It was not because of any mental weirdness or failure in love. The credit goes to my unforgettable meeting with a family who was in plane for the sole purpose of irritating others.

I was flying to Delhi from Bangalore when I saw the finest representatives of Human race. I am very sure you all must have come across such exceptional creatures at some point of your life. You know sometimes its good to be weird and strange, people tend to remember you. The way I am writing about my rendezvous with few among that category.

To my amazement almost half of the passengers were of the same family. I guess they were going for some marriage or family function. Why? Because its generally in marriages where we see God’s all unique creations, especially in large numbers.

Coming back to my flight, I was sitting exactly middle of all the drama. Some family members were sitting behind me and some in front of me.

I think there is seriously something wrong with my luck, especially when I travel!! Again I was in midst of irritation and boredom (as usual). But this time there was no sign of relief. Two hour journey seemed to be longer than two days journey. Within two hour of short journey, I got the experience of my life.

The moment plane took off, one of the family member, who, I think, was the host or the eldest came up to meet his guest, in-spite of the fact that they boarded the flight together and must have also come to airport together. The supposed host was half of the time standing near my seat and chatting with others. He should have got the best-host award if there exist any. He gave good competition to all the air-hostesses. Once, he even took coffee from tray and served some of his relatives.

So what was I doing? Apart from watching them, I tried to sleep, hoping that it will make the journey easy. I even dreamed of yelling at him and saying- ‘look the world is not going to end here and you will get more chances to show your skill, so now get lost.’ However, the journey ended without me saying anything and somehow I passed the test of patience.

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