Sunday, June 21, 2009

Inherently Good or Bad?

Yesterday I had debate with one of my friends. The topic in discussion was whether people are inherently good or bad.

My friend, I must say little pessimistic, believes that every action has a selfish motive behind it. If someone would have asked this question few months ago, I would have shared the same view. But now I have taken a 360 degree turn. This doesn’t mean I have lost all my so called ‘practicality’. Some of the recent experiences made me realize this.

Few months ago, I took Vaani training from AIR. I was quite upset on one of the days as it was extremely hectic and full of all kinds of boring lectures. During the lunch break we went to a moderate looking restaurant. Pissed of with the way day was going, I sat on a corner table with my friend. Then came an old waiter who might have spent all his life in the same place serving people. He did nothing special but his energy and positivity of his attitude, constant smile on his face, willingness to serve whoever comes to his restaurant me forget the days tensions. He was not only pleasant with everyone but also listening to customers complains patiently. The way he was helping everyone, lifted my spirit.

In the same manner, whenever I travel alone (which is almost always), many people come and help me if needed. This time when I went to Delhi for my internship, I was clueless of how to go to Malviyanagar, where I stayed for one month. With all the preconceived notions about Delhi I was scared even to ask auto-drivers. Then suddenly one old uncle came from somewhere and helped me out in getting one and reaching the place safely. This may look like an ordinary thing, as we might have done the same thing many a times, without even registering it. For me, all these combined together, forms my current view about people in general.

Apart from travelling, I met some really nice people in my Delhi office. I know this is becoming a goody-goody kind of post! But I got to share this with you all. One of the days, I was quite unwell as I had little fever and cold. When I went to ask my branch manager for leave she very politely gave me work and asked me to stay back for some more time (my friend is not entirely wrong!). But the moment other employees got this news, all my Sir’s and Ma’am asked the manager on my behalf and got me the early leave. Isn’t this nice of them?

So do you all agree with me? If there is any doubt I still have tones of experiences to convince you all.