Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boredom bores me

What happen when ideas don’t come up?? We wait for it to pop up like some advertisement on a site. I know a bad metaphor. But this is what happens when you don’t have ideas even to write something.
You might be wondering why I am so adamant on writing when I don’t have anything to pen down on. This is because its raining outside so I need to sit back at home and engage myself in something interesting.
Vacations…we all long for it, dreaming of what all we can do in free time. The very thought of meeting old friends back at home, staying with all home comforts used to interest me. But the reality is slightly different. First few days are spent without any boredom as we meet our folks after many days.
Later when they get busy with their daily routine, the situation changes and you are left with no other option but to entertain yourself. So how am I doing that? By sleeping and blogging of course!! Better options like shopping and going out with my people are also in the list.
Thats it for now. At last got some work… will write something sensible soon…

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Agony of working child

Have you ever thought about this? My visit to MVF forced me to think about those children who are forced to work mainly due to poverty. My concern around this is mainly because of it being the most innocent phase in one’s life. It is that stage of life when the foundations are laid for a successful adult life. It is the phase when we are carefree, fun-loving, learning, playing. If we go back into our childhood, for most of us, there are beautiful memories. But for the children who are forced into work from childhood, there are no such memories.

I recently visited an NGO, MVF, which works on the same line. The experience was pleasant as well as a stirring. I was shocked by the reality presented during my visit which negated the popular belief that poor parents don’t want their children to be educated.

MVF work is entirely based on the strategies to change these beliefs. My visit to MVF was pleasant as well as a stirring experience. The ground level work of the voluntaries, who go door-to-door, talking with every person about the ill-effects of child labor and motivating them to send their children to school is unique in itself. They also used other mediums like street plays, public meetings, padyatras along with face to face communication to mobilize the masses. This showed their commitment towards the cause. The result of their commitment and sincerity of MVF work can be seen in the smiles of the girls who are leading a comparatively comfortable and happier life.

One-to-one conversation with the girls who came from different backgrounds was not only informative but also demystifying. Girls were excited to meet us and willing to shell out their experiences and feelings with us. We were especially introduced to girls who are going to appear for the seventh class examination. They seemed both excited and nervous but confident about their preparation. During our conversation, one of the girl of approximately 7-8 years of age, who was a beggar, shared her troubled past and expressed the desire to be an inspector so as to prevent children from begging. Another instance which showed their level of insight was our meeting with the girls attending the final level of bridge course. One of the girls raised question on the necessity of our project and its impact on the society. She asked us to bring at least one girl to the hostel and to help in releasing her from child labor.

As a whole, my visit to the working site of MVF left me thinking of the options I can contribute to causes like this.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Eating Enthusiasts

Little inappropriate title for a travel story. However, all of you might have noticed, we see them most while travelling, no matter how long or short your journey is.

The typical, almost omnipresent families, with at least two-three kids, one grand ma or dad and few additional uncles and aunts inclusive of co-passengers, with their ‘larger than life’ Tiffin boxes come under this category. I think they travel with their entire kitchen. The variety of food items are numerous and in the quantity almost sufficient to feed entire compartment. From pickle, roasted papad to salt, black pepper, sugar to sweet dishes for desserts, they have all the items you can think of. And fruits, snacks for rest of the journey period.

Everyone don’t travel only to eat, there are some who travel to just buy all the food stuff available during the journey, and to my great surprise, they eat all that!!
I met one of these kinds on my flight to Bangalore from Delhi. The protagonist of my story is the youngest son of a Punjabi family. By the look of him, anyone can understand that eating comes under one of the favourite pass time. What surprised me that it was his only pass time! I first saw me buying something from Pizza Hut’s counter. Totally bored of waiting for the flight announcement, I noticed him a little more than generally required. This guy bought himself one full, I think, medium sized pizza with one plate of garlic bread. Accidently he with his brother and mother boarded the same flight. So my tracking of him lasted till I reached Bangalore.

So what he did during the journey? After finishing all his stuff, he bought all the things available on the flight. From sandwiches to coke to chips, he ate almost everything within just two hours. The quantity may not look exceptional to some of you. But considering his age, which can not be more than 9-10 years, his capacity seemed divine. I was so impressed by his unique quality that I even thought of suggesting her mother to apply for Limca, if not the Guinness Book of Records.