Thursday, September 10, 2009

Conditioned to expect bad

Travelling is the best way to experience all kinds of ups and downs of life. In fact, it is the best way to experience our worst hidden fears.
My recent trip to Bangalore proved to be one of such kinds. I being the only female passenger in the bus, was little apprehensive at the beginning. But as expected this tension didn’t last long. This trip of mine proved the conditioning I have grown through and why we involuntarily expect all the bad things.
Ever since we are born,, we are told about all kinds of the accidents which can happen to a lonely young especially ‘girl’. The effects of these stories were working on me on the day of my journey. Unlike my usual behaviour, I was thinking again and again even to step outside my bus. After gathering lots of courage and quite a few self motivating thoughts I walked down to a strangely looking aloofly standing washroom. I went with all the mental preparation. And thankfully I didn’t encounter anyone on my way towards it.
But the moment I came out I saw one scary- potential killer or robber looking man. I was dead scared when I saw him. But it didn’t took much time to realize that he came there by mistake and went out immediately apologizing for his mistake. He left me wondering how the stories around us contribute to our thinking and way of reacting to a situation. We have been so used to all these that we even start expecting the same kinds incidents to be happening around us.


  1. true... its all our mental perception which makes us think in one direction and that is mostly negative...

  2. You are right Prachi, the first thing we need to do is to change our perception and have some self-belief....