Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Media and the Shining India

Few days ago, HK Dua, the renowned journalist and Padma Bhushan recipient came to our university as chief guest for one of the seminars conducted by our SN School. So was it of any help to us, especially to me? I am not authorized to write about others. As far as I am concerned, there wasn’t much to impress me.
But one thing definitely attracted my attention. He raised the issue of mass media covering only the ‘the shining India’. So is the India really shinning? Or we media people are presenting the fake reality?
The exact answers to these questions are difficult to find as both sides have their own convincing justifications. But to my opinion, mass media is focusing mostly on the positive stories. If you happen to see any critical story, 8 out of 10 stories concerns middle, upper middle class or any of the elite class.
So who will give coverage to the poor? Who will be his/her voice? The media, often called the fourth estate is expected to play this role. But the concern is how efficiently it is playing the role of being the voice of voiceless.
To help India in shining, the first step could be presenting the reality no matter how dark it is.

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