Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Questioning the Questions

Are you a post-modernist?
Ur…Umm…Hmm…that’s all I was able to reply, when my friend asked me this.
Then the other question –Is Miss X (Can’t tell you the name) is gothic?
This time I had a much clearer and straight answer. I said I don’t know!
Have you ever thought what make people come up with these questions? Why we question at the first place.
No doubt questioning is the best way to learn but I dread those unanswerable questions. You know the answers but you can’t explain them.
I wanted to tell my friend that I may come under the category considering my thinking but I may not also considering my actions, which contradict their lifestyle from top to bottom. So reconsidering the flow and the direction of my thinking, I decided to consider my decision of not saying anything.
And now I know you all must be considering whether to further read the post or not. So before we all start considering anything and everything, all these people out there should consider their questioning instinct at least once.


  1. i think i may have a better reply for such progenies of profuse skivvying of (usually) jobless/ (unusually)inquisitive minds...

    ans to Q1: post modernist?? now what on earth is that and why the hell do you care??
    ans to Q2: why the hell should i care if miss x is gothic!!

  2. @ pranjal: I think thats the best way to answer all these questions...wish I would have done that...

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  4. haha... better luck next time, because like it or not, such questions do pop up time and again :(