Saturday, October 24, 2009

Writing for ?????

Writing, writing and writing- this is all we do in our classes of ‘Writing for Organsiation’. Recently in one of our classes we were asked to write a descriptive piece on a particular situation. Here is my attempt-
After day-long search for X, I went to her room. I opened the door with a hope to find her.
To my utter disappointment, she wasn’t there. I was shocked to look at the condition the room was left. The moment I entered, I stepped on to some of her favourite bags which were lying on the floor. Cupboard door has been left open. Unlike the usual days, the bed was covered with piles of clothes, which seems to have been thrown in a hurry.
I gradually moved towards the table. The sight of water bottles, magazines and notes, covering the laptop which was still in standby mode, surprised me. Even the fruits were left half-eaten and the room was filled with their smell. The appearance of the room gave a clear indication that it has been attended for few days.
Lost in thoughts about her, I suddenly stepped onto a crushed envelop. I picked it up and opened. The letter has answers to all my questions. Now I knew the reason of her sudden disappearance. Or may be I am still unaware of the exact reason.
I was left wondering- Is this the real reason or am I being mislead?

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  1. Saw this post now. Guess you should be writing more of this. Like it :)