Sunday, December 20, 2009

Four of us and life seems to be good :):)

Going to Guwahati this November was different in a good way. After almost six-seven years, we all were travelling together. This came as a fresh and one of the most welcomed breaks- time for siblings’ bonding and we all enjoyed it thoroughly.
After completing our schooling, we all moved out of home to pursue our dreams. So, when we got a chance to be together we grabbed it, even though it was just for few days.
The first think I noticed was that with passage of time we all have changed a lot. With the differences in our streams, cities we live and lifestyles, our thinking and perceptions about the world has also changed. However, there is still an invisible thread binding all of us. A thread made up of unconditional and unlimited love and support and care.
This post is to thank my brother and sisters for their love and concern.