Thursday, December 24, 2009

What is normalcy? Whats in being normal??

I am currently reading Paulo Coelho's "The Winner Stands Alone". The book in its very beginning poses questions on the concept of being 'normal'. Coelho has even talked about few points defining so called 'normalcy'. Conversely those 46 points raised more doubts than clearing mine. So to quench my own inquisitive thirst, I have tried to answer this question of normalcy.

According to me, being normal is nothing but being what you are. It is being what you want to be; doing what to desire to do; living in the way you want to. Hmm...many would disagree with me because according to them, this is the very definition of being abnormal. Many psychological theories also consider people who act outside societal norms as 'abnormal'. In fact, following someone's heart is considered as insane as it generally leads to breaking of various conventional norms of the society.
However, according to me, being normal is doing what you wish to do. If you want to care for someone , do it; if you want to leave something and start a new it..what are you waiting for...we can't make ourselves and everyone happy at the same time..
Just keep all these mind and then being normal can be very normal for all of us!!! Bob Dylan said "a man is success, if gets up in morning and goes bed at night and in between does what he wants to do." For me, this is very defintion of being normal. In short being what you are...


  1. normal to whom ? to the society ?

    to be normal in the eyes of the society, you just have to blindly follow what 'everone' else around you, else you will raise infinitesimal eyebrows.

    so 'just being what you are' doesn't work.

  2. @ uchiha: ya right for society u may have to follow their rules..
    but for ones own satifactn and ease i think "being what you are works"!!!..
    by the way who cares so much about the society!!! it can never be happy with anyone who leads her life in her way..

  3. Yeah actually doing what you want to.. doesn't work.. Apart from societies norm to be followed .. as soon as you are born.. you have a family to think about... whatever you do it impacts them...

  4. Hmm, good argument. But that said, U'd hv to be prepared to live alone. What say u?

  5. hmmm normal-this is a pretty relative term. what i conceive normal might not be normal for u or someone else... so in that circumstances just decide your priorities- if you love someone enough u might choose to do something which is abnormal to u but is normal to the person concerned...
    in case u din't get my point here's an example...
    for me normal is sleeping at3-4am in morning but for my dad its 11pm at night max... so at home just to keep him happy i sleep at 11, no big deal... otherwise i sleep as i wish.
    hence its all about deciding ur priorities... what say? ;)

  6. @ prachi: I think there is a difference between society and can understand you and let you do what you want..
    unlike society I guess it can act as a greatest support in your quest of leading a normal life...

    @Kavita: not always dear..ans as said by Pranjal, it depends on your prirority...if your dream is important enought I don't think the person will mind living alone..

  7. @ pranjal: I agree..being normal differs with people and their I have written if you want to care for someone do it..doing agianst your will is abnormal...

  8. I have to agree with everyone, what constitutes someone as being "normal", fitting in with societal norms? While societal normalcy constitutes a large majority of society, why is that lifestyle considered normal? Has society just accepted that as the "normal" way of living? Has it been drummed into our subconscious by means of advertising, through media? Another person's idea of normal is not going to always correspond to another person's idea of normal. So how can someone be defined as normal if everyone has a different definition and guidelines for being normal. Is being normal actually impossible?

    So many queries, yet not enough answers...

    I have to agree with your solution, just be who YOU are, don't try and fit in for the sake of fitting in. Don't judge other people for not fitting in with your idea of normal, but just accept them for who THEY are.

  9. @ Adelleda: First of all..yes i am replying almost one year after you have commented on my post!! Can't stop myself but thank you for supporting my view.
    These are issues which don't have any answers but if we ponder upon these more often than we do now, who knows we might come up with something workable.