Thursday, December 16, 2010

Signs of Existence

Benajir Butto in her autobiography has once mentioned that to realize that one existing, it is important to see one’s own creation. The ability to create and produce gives meaning to our lives. No matter how small and visibly insignificant it is the mere impact of your efforts on something can be instrumental in making you feel valuable. Benajir in her years of confinement saw the act of cooking or even gardening as the signs of her existence.
So true the feeling is. Haven’t we felt the same while creating something? Or are we so busy to even realize that those small yet significant steps eventually make our lives? Remember the happiness you get on creating a small piece of write up, sketch that you might not even share with others. Satisfaction you get when you cook something, when you make something, when you create something. The transformation which has been because of you, because of your efforts, shows that you are here, existing in this world. It doesn't matter if other appreciates it or not. The very act reaffirms that we are capable, of constructing, of bringing change-to our lives as well to others.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unforgettable & Exciting

I was moving back to Bangalore from Hyderabad. So this was my last journey (as nothing is permanent so I might just go back! but for now this seemed to be the last one). In these two and half years, several times I have travelled via this same route. But this was the most memorable, more than the last one which I have already written about.

It all began with a hectic day. Yes, even on the day I was leaving I had to go to my office. No no, not to seek everyone’s leave but to work!! So I went little early as I had to finish this huge amount of work (handover, monthly and quarter reviews).

But as always, something has to happen… so my computer suddenly started showing all kinds of problems and by the time it was repaired, our network was down!! Am I destined to face problems??? Whatever it is, I managed to finish everything by afternoon and left. I had to go and do my packing and catch my train at 9pm.

This time, I didn’t go to meet my friends or anything, in fact my friend came to my place so as give me company. It was a pleasant surprise and comforting at a time when I was so worked up. After all for the first time I was doing all my packing and shifting back with my entire luggage…that too all by myself (I felt like congratulating myself again and again)
I booked my cab for 6.15 in evening. I was all ready and we were waiting for my taxi to arrive. It was 6.30 but there was no sign of my cab so I called up the driver. He almost gave me a heart attack. ‘Madam I am going to Gachibowli and can’t come to Jubliee Hills now’- he told me. ‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’- I screamed. Immediately I called up for the cab service to get another cab (and definitely to scream for being so irresponsible. ‘It is not possible to arrange for another taxi’- they responded.

It was almost 7 and I had to board the train by 9!! How will I do that? We tried all other cab services. My friend called even her office cab driver. But nothing worked out. With the amount of luggage I had, going in one auto also seemed to be impossible.

Without wasting much time, we both went out to bring an auto. We both went to different places and tried getting one. Few drives who agreed earlier also declined after seeing the number of bags I had.
Almost in tears, I lost all my hopes and called my family who sitting in Bangalore were trying their level best to get me a transport (How?? Calling and trying to get cabs for me in Hyderabad).

But surprisingly one auto came and agreed to take me (on a double amount though) to the station. It was almost 8.15 when I started for the station and was almost sure that I won’t reach on time.

My friend who was waiting for me at the station was giving me all the updates. He called up to tell me that train has already arrived and ready to leave when I was still stuck at some stupid traffic jam. This made me 100 percent sure that I have missed the train. I even contemplated of going back but my friend kept motivating me. So by the time I reached station, it was past 9.

But as if this wasn’t enough, my friend told me that the train is on platform 3 and we are on platform 1. That means running and climbing stairs. And the top of that my coach no was HA2. So we have to pas through almost entire train to reach my coach. So now, me, my friend and the porters (who again charged crazy amount), we all were running and everyone was staring!! I felt like slapping all of those sitting inside the train and staring at us (though it wasn’t their mistake that I am late but u know general felling of irrational irritation!)

By the time, we reached near my coach, train started moving and my porter managed to push few of my bags inside and asked me to get in. But suddenly I decided not to! And asked my porter to take out all my bags (I often take strange decisions like this!) So my poor porter has now to pull all my bags out from the running train! I was quite impressed with his performance!

Suddenly my always-energetic and dear friend decided to try again (yes when it has already left the station) So my poor friend (in a hope to get me on to the train) ran behind the train and tried convincing the man to stop the train for few minutes!! (Yes he asked him…Heights of optimism I say!) But as expected nothing happened.

Hmm…now what…having run behind autos and then train, I was too exhausted to think of anything. So when I called my family to tell this, I got to know they are now trying to get me bus tickets now. But the big question was – will they wait for me to reach there or do I have to reap the same scene again? In no mood for running, I told them not to try. However, my brother called up someone in Bangalore who called the person in Hyderabad who in return called me and told me that they are ready to wait for me and have a seat!

Wow…so at last I was going:). Even though, I was too tired to feel anything, memories of the days spent at the university and office, of those 2 and half years reminded me of the splendid time I had in this city. So with a heavy heart and tired mind, I bid farewell to Hyderabad.

PS: I have got into the habit of writing really long post. So bear with me!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

When uncle used his grey matter….

My neighbor, S… Uncle was standing outside his home this afternoon. So was I. Even the other man from the house in front of mine was standing outside his gate. So is this a news that everybody is outside there home?? Definitely not…
Okay I better start with the actual thing now.
My sweet S…Uncle, quite nice as a neighbor and I guess as a person too (but not too sure about it). He has the habit of speaking to everyone around him. So now when our neighbor’s daughter came with another tiny girl after her school, my uncle started with his questioning session..
He asked the tiny daughter about her new tiny friend.
Uncle S…who is she beta?
Daughter My b…friend.
Uncle S… Oh your boy friend?
Me (standing near my gate and randomly looking at the two girls) They were quite pretty and doll-like girls so I didn’t mind spending some of my time looking at them!
So when I heard my uncle’s question, it amused me to a great extent. He even after looking at her friend, who was obviously a girl dressed in her tiny skirt with two small pony tails, thought that she (he, in his case) is the neighbor’s daughter’s boy friend! Uncle! Use your experience and knowledge you have gained in all these years- I thought.
Daughter.. No my B…friend
Uncle S.. Oh your best friend?
Me…wow this time uncle seems to be using little bit of grey matter, though this is hardly a situation to even to use that!
Daughter: no my Bus friend.
Uncle S.. Oh accha..
Me.. What!…Bus friend…interesting…now you have these categories too, interesting- I thought and came back to my room!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Journey worth remembering

Caution: This is the longest post I have ever written!!

I travel quite often from Hyderabad to Bangalore, mostly on weekends. These journeys are generally mundane. But last time I had enough of experiences in just one time, which has negated all my boring yet comfortable journeys.

I usually take late night bus on Fridays so as to get some time for my packing and stuff after my office hours. So as usual I booked for 9.45 bus. This was the weekend before Diwali so I didn’t get tickets in any other bus but in the worst bus service ever (which obviously I got to know later)

So here it goes… It was all fine till I got my tickets delivered to me in afternoon on the day of my journey. It all started with me getting late for my bus. I left my office by 6 in evening. And God knows why I thought I have all time in this world to do my packing, meet my friends and then catch my bus on time! So after office I went to meet my friends and obviously I got late. It was past 9 and I was still looking for an auto (for which I almost walked 1 km!). At last I got the auto and reached the boarding point by exactly 9.45 pm. Quite relaxed I was to see fellow passengers waiting for the bus.

Till 10.15 I was waiting for my bus to arrive. Only bus which came and picked almost all the passengers was a Volvo one. I had the ticket of non-ac coach so I didn’t even bothered going near the bus. After some time, I got little worried so when a bus for Mumbai came, I went and asked the conductor about my bus. And to my greatest shock, he informed me that the bus has already left!! We were supposed to get into the Volvo bus it seems.

After hearing this I reacted in the most usual way I could- that is screaming at the man in front of me. “How on earth will I know that you people have changed the buses?” was my reaction and asked him to arrange for something then and there. So he called up the person in Bangalore bus and asked them to stop wherever they were. The Mumbai bus dropped me at a particular point and I boarded my Bangalore bus.

Bus was full and I couldn’t see my seat number anywhere. So I screamed again – first for making changes and not informing passengers (me in particular!). So embarrassed (or may be scared of my screaming) he was that he asked me to take any of the seats. I went and sat next to a girl who later told me that she is going to Chennai! What!!- was the only word I could utter. I gradually got to know that in my bus there were passengers for Vijaywada, Chennai and Bangalore- all in the same bus! And we were supposed to get down and catch another one after some time! As if this was not enough she told me all the strange things she has heard about that particular bus service.

To confirm this, I called my friend who also said the same thing and was quite shocked that I took this bus and didn’t even bother consulting anyone. My friend even suggested me to stay awake as much as I can as there are chances of losing my luggage too!! In the meantime bus stopped and we were asked to go to respective buses, which was also quite chaotic. By the time I got onto my bus going to Bangalore it was almost 12 in night.

With all this information overload and strange experiences, I was trying to relax and then suddenly a fight broke up between passengers and the conductor. The number of passengers surpassed the number of seats. So as expected there was a huge fight. At last a group of friends decided to get down form the bus and take another mode of transport (lucky they were to do that).

By 2 it was all calm in the bus with just one annoying factor- one person sleeping just next to my feet! All this didn’t end here…my bus also got 5 hours late. Instead of reaching at 8 in morning, I reached at 1 in afternoon.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kids or media –which one would you prefer?

When it comes to handling, I would definitely prefer the later. Why?
Here I am managing media at an event. Event is one of the largest kids’ competitions, with over 80,000 students. Media is yet to arrive so I don’t have anything but to observe these children, most of whom have grown too old for their age. Or may be it is the generation gap which has made me believe so (God I feel old).

One girl, expert in seducing tricks from such a young age (will definitely be helpful in near future). She stopped the guy, asked for help and gave a close-up smile- perfect!! And here is this guy, totally smitten by her CHARM (probably, he is imagining himself as one of those heroes of Karan Johar movies), more than eager to help her. So he gave her his bottle of Horlicks with all sincerity. Yes, this was the help. She asked him for Horlicks! (I guess, in spite of their efforts and almost perfect copying, they still need to grow up).

Second scene is of two ladies, most probably teachers, empathizing with children - “bacche on the spot kya think karenge”. They forgot the competition is all about thinking on the “spot” though!

Total contrast to these over empathetic teachers, is another zombie one- kids came to inform that they scored 3rd position in singing competition and she very interestingly said- Hmm!!

Sitting and observing is not the only thing you do at an event like this. You are also supposed to entertain all kinds of questions (these are small kids, how can you be rude to them is the reaction you will attract otherwise). What is media? What is press release? Why are you carrying it with you? Can I see the folders? Can I take one? Can I take one more for my mother? These are just few, you are bombarded with many of the same kind.

There are also few “older guys”- 14-16 years old- dying to grow old. These are the “confident ones” who come in style and stand in front of you. And then ask whether you are on facebook or not, pretending to be very casual and as if the best thing in this world is to be on “FACEBOOK”.

And this is not the even the end, the list goes on…but in spite of all these, their innocence, their smile, their curiosity to know about you and your work is worth all the trouble.
Hmm…I might reconsider my first choice now…

Friday, October 22, 2010

Any Anwers....

Headley and his stories are everywhere in the media. I have taken just one newspaper's coverage on the issue to see how much has been written. In spite of this, there is a disturbing silence from leaders of our country, supposedly "the Voice of Voiceless" ; Our Saviours!!

Headlines from The Times of India

10-09-2010: Headley had Lalbaugcha Raja on terror list
06-10-2010: Headley’s targets put on fresh alert
12-10-2010: Why didn’t US give us Headley’s name: India17-10-2010: Wife told FBI about Headley’s LeT links before 26/1121-10-2010: I filmed PM’s residence too, claims Headley
22-10-2010: Headley videotaped Barc colony for ISI
Deadly Mission
Headley gave the video to his ISI ‘handler’ in Pakistan, but not to LeT Initially, the Taj was the sole target.

They are the DESTROYERS of PEACE and HARMONY from our lives, from the life of COMMON MAN.
Why none of the political parties have come up with any comments or any actions against this Deadly affair? Why do we have to tolerate all this? Why do we have to depend on those politicians for justice?

By..Charu Sharma

Monday, October 18, 2010

None of your business...

Everybody is interested when a new employee joins an organisation. There will be lots of observation and later discussion on those observations (Believe me people have all the time in this world to discuss these things). There will also be questions pouring in…it will start with where have you been put up (the most decent one). But within a span of one week, they will dissect every bits and pieces of your life. From your family to your friends and boy friends…your history, your future, they need to know every thing. I often wonder why somebody needs to know another person’s life details. And knowing your relationship status is the most important thing. You all must have faced these questions I am sure. If they want you to connect with your fellow employees, the question will be about you love life. They want you to open up/ break the ice (as they call it) and the questions will be –

Colleague 1: Do you have a boy-friend?


Colleague 1-Oh I am sorry. But you must have had one?

(Why on earth are you sorry? No body has died! Why? Do I look like ‘need to have boy-friend’ kind?)Umm…Aaa…

Colleague 2- Ok do you have any close friend?

Ya I do. I have few close friends.

Colleague 1- Any best friend?

I do have best friend.

Colleague 1- Oh (smiles…On all the faces present!!) So Jane Tu Ja Jane Na!! Interesting. Where is he?

(None of your business) Haan!!!No he is in a relationship. We are just good friends. He is the same city.

Colleague 1-No No. I am telling you with all these years of experience, you both can’t be just friends (this is coming after 3 days of you joining the office)

Colleague 2- I am now marrying my best friend. I am telling you will too.

No. Why on earth will I? I am happy for you. Congrats but no. (Traumatized by the way conversation is going on)

Colleague 3- A guy’s best friend is always his girl friend. How come you are his best friend?

(Why don’t you go and ask him) Hmm…Umm…(thinking of ways to put an end to this torture)

Suddenly the most senior person interferes and enlightens us with her insight into the matter.

Senior Colleague- I think she is right. It is the best way in my opinion. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship and commitment and thus she has a best friend.

(Wow…what the hell does this mean?) Hmm… (trying her level best to control the irritation)

Some people seriously need to utilize their energy in some thing positive. Or else, they will use their experience and knowledge and God knows what all in deciding your present and future!! I think every office should have “mind your own business” session every month.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Square root

What is the square root of 4? 8 came the reply when her father asked! As if this wasn’t enough, she asked the same question on one of the social networking sites. Answers poured in, some said 16 or 8. Some managed to get it right and said 2 (yes it is the right answer, what were you thinking??).

All this left me wondering what the square root of 3 is!! So I asked my sister (supposedly a scientist) who struggled with me to find that out. We had almost half an hour telephonic discussion trying to recollect the methods of calculating square roots. Without any success we decided to close the matter then and there. But I, who was constantly being haunted by the question, decided to pose same question to my mother. She being more intelligent than us first explained me the process of finding square root which was quite accurate and sounded exactly like our mathematics books. But then the big question came- what the square root of 3 is? How you calculate it? And there she struggled too. Then came my sister (software engineer with SEVEN Years of experience and the most intelligent of the lot), she tried to explain me the entire method. At the beginning, I was quite confident about her abilities to crack the problems. But when it came to square root of 3, her abilities seemed to fade. So in spite of getting repeated lectures on the way to find out square roots, we all struggled to get the square root of 3 right.

So what is the square root of 3?????

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Age letters

Visit your grandparents and you will get to hear about how they use to write letters and communicate. The second issue which comes into account is that we, the young generation has lost the habit of writing.
Hmm... I disagree (like always!!). Its true that we don’t write letters anymore but we do communicate through a new and modified form of letters. One of my friends wrote a letter by using note-pad and saving it on my desktop! Other wrote a letter and posted it on the blog! The other used chat status message to reply to that post! I wrote a letter and mailed all of them!
We do write letters but in a different format…a format which is much more comfortable and convenient than traditional letter writing. Social networking seems to be helping a lot. Our new high-end letters are not only convenient. They are fasts too. You have a fight with your boy friend? You don’t want to talk on phone? Just drop an email. Solution to all the communication issues. And if we go little deeper, it prevent s many fights and heart burns too. You are conditioned to look at least once before mailing. And in most of the cases, you delete than add up. There is always a high chance that another person won’t react in the same way, not as bitterly as yours response. And the time gap between receiving and sending mails will definitely calm you down.
So all you couples out there…use emails cum letters for fights. It more effective than you think…and in a good way off course!

PS: My job is affecting me more than I can think of. I have almost written a pitch note for emails!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Real life Touch

You graduate and you think that life will change (off course in a better way). You dream of leading an independent life, a life on your own terms and work of your choice, a life you have always dreamed of. But the moment you get a job (your dream job) which is again a rarity (I have been lucky in getting one), the real world strikes you, in a very harsh way, as harsh as it can be.
You get your dream job but you suddenly realize that you can’t work the way you want, in the hours you want to work. You can’t wear what you want after all you are REPRESENTING your Company! So ultimately you have to follow the dress code. You have a fixed timing to report in the office but no set time to leave the office.
These are nothing if you think about the accommodation. Unlike our universities’ subsidized yet clean, spacious rooms, you have to search for rooms/pg/flats. Searching for accommodation is even tougher than searching for God (no offence to all my religious friends).
And even after so much of effort, you are left with nothing! You come from different city to start a new life in a new way but nothingness is what you all get (God I am getting philosophical too!! one of the effects of house-hunting- try it...). You go from one pg to another, you change one room mate to another, but you never get what you are looking for. You compromise on one thing. But suddenly another issue arises and then another and the list goes on…until you just kill all your desires and hopes and settle down for something which the world has to offer you.
This is what the real, rude world has to offer to you. It just takes everything from you…Welcome to the real, corporate world!!!!
Hmm…I seem to be quite negative (isn’t it? hope to post something positive next time!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I will miss

Nearing end of college life, we are gearing up for life outside the comfort of campus of University of Hyderabad and are preparing for leaving friends behind.
Life in University has been a wonderful experience. There have been many ups and downs. I witnessed some of the best as well as worst moments of my life here. Going away from the place you loved so much, from the people you admire so much, is painful.
One of my friends suggested the idea of writing letters so as to be in contact with each other even after leaving this place. So here is my attempt to tell all of my special ones-how special they are to me…
Hmm… it’s a difficult task to put your feelings into words. The only thing I can say is that I will miss. I will miss everything. I will miss hanging out, going for dinners, movies. I will miss going to lake at odd hours. I will miss having midnight walks. I will miss looking at the stars and sleeping under the sky. I will miss bursting into laughter anywhere anytime. I will miss our jokes, our teasing each other, out hour’s long talk, sharing every thing under the Sun. I will miss our intellectual discussions and thinking that we are so different from the rest!!! I will miss trying to learn Malayalam (though I don’t think I can ever speak this language) and ending up in speaking in ‘literary’ Hindi. I will miss making maggi/coffee at 4 o’clock in morning and forcing each other in doing stuff of our likes!! I will miss dying for home food and being always ready to be invited for dinner. I will miss our pseudo-movie marathons, our discussions about dressing and fashion and about ‘OTHERS’.I will miss making plans of travelling to Kashmir. I will miss giving nick names and admiring our creativity in doing so!
I will miss the love I got from this place. The support of my friends whenever I needed, their faith in my judgments and decisions, being guided and being told about my faults- I will miss all these. I will miss the comfort I got in your company. I will miss each and every aspect of these two years.
There is so much more to write but for now just thanking you all for making me feel so special.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life isn’t that difficult…

I was just reading William Dalrymple’s ‘Nine Lives- In Search of the Sacred in Modern India ’. The book is a travelogue with nine stories about the people with different lives whom the author meets during his journey.

One of the story ‘The Daughters of Yellamma’ interests me more than others. The narration is all about the live of Devadasis, the struggle they go through, the pain they bear all their life and the happiness which they pretend to show to the outside world. Rani Bai who is a devdasi, came as an extremely strong and positive person, a persona difficult to find in our normal daily lives.

The story forced me to ponder about our lives, how we all get upset about small things and how our lives revolve around petty expectations. Rani Bai, who has no expectations even from her sons, who has lost both her daughters and was dedicated by her parents at the age of nine, holds no grudge against anyone. The selfless character of hers is full of optimism. Her ability to see the bright side of life even in the darkest period is remarkable. Her dream of leading a comfortable life even after being detected by HIV positive, her optimistic attitude can put any one of us to shame who spend half of their lives in complaining and wallowing.

Hmm…I seem to be quite carried away by the story of Rani Bai. But if given a thought, her story is an example of constant fights, strong commitment towards one’s responsibilities and duty. Her tale tells us how privileged we all are, how lucky we all are to have a comfortable life. There is much more than searching jobs, fighting with boy-friends, friction with parents…life is much more complicated than all these…we just need to realize it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Why I am not a Hindu’- a must read

I just completed reading “Why I am not a Hindu” by Kancha Illaiah. I chose the because of sheer curiosity as it has attracted lots of controversies. Desire to know the perspective of a Dalit-bahujan regarding the Hindu system also motivated me to read the book.

Now after reading the entire, I would recommend everyone to read this book at least once. This doesn’t mean that the book is a masterpiece on Dalit culture or Hinduism. In fact I doubt if it comes even closure to being a masterpiece! However, I must say the book presents few excellent insights into Hindu religion and lifestyle and Dalitbahujan’s lifestyle. But there are other reasons too for which this book should be read.

Primarily to know about the Dalit-bahujan’s lifestyle, to know about their Gods and Goddesses, their working style, of which very few of us have proper knowledge, the class and cultural differences between upper castes (whom Illiah has referred as the entire Hindu community) and lower castes.

Secondly to get a first hand perspective of a person from so called “Dalit community” about the Hindu religion and its tradition and culture and mainly on caste-system. I hope that’s not the view of entire community as there are many loopholes and apparently misunderstanding of Hindu as a religion or as a lifestyle.
Thirdly to know how not to generalize everything. A religion can not be accused of being unfair and based on the desire to rule others, just because some of it practices are unacceptable. The evil and unreasonable practices of a religion should be brought into light and criticized so that they can be eradicated but blaming the whole system of a lifestyle and religion is not justified.
The fourth reason for you all to read the book is to learn how not to let your personal anger and enmity governs you while writing a book on topics of social and cultural concerns!

There might be other reasons too for reading this book which you all can suggest me after reading the book.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Whats there in dress code???

Since our childhood, we are conditioned or I must say forced to wear particular kind of dresses on particular occasions and situations. Going to meet your grandparents, you must wear something 'decent'- preferably a kurta or a long top and it would be loved if its salwar- kammez(which goes without saying). Going for a family function, you are not expected to wear jeans and tees even though you are most comfortable in it. Coming to academic and professional life, college have their own dress code-you are supposed to wear only formal shirts and pants and salwar-kameez which offcoursecan't be sleeveless! As if the system will colapse if you attend classes in jeans.
What are these institutions preaching? Are they trying to avoid distractions or curbing personal freedom of an individual? Are these institutions still unaware of the vary basic fact that dressing won't affect an individual's performance. wearing jeans or tees at work or in classes doesn't mean that the person is incapable of doing the task s/he is assigned to do. It just shows our choice of dressing in which we are most comfortable.
Leave institutions, two months back a mall in Chennai prohibited people from entering the mall in lungi. A mall is a place to hang-out and shop, in a way a place to relax; what a person's dressing has to do with it?
Dressing is an expression of oneself, one's personality. It is a representation of the choices we make. So why curb one's freedom to present themselves in whichever they like to? Why govern even the way they dress?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Just another interesting journey…

While going to Guwahati this time, I decided to take three night long journey via train instead of four hours of flying. So, if I am travelling for so long with strangers, how can I even expect it to be simple and uneventful?
Hmm…this journey was uneventful, apart from one family of four coming with “13” bags…I repeat 13 briefcases with 2 additional hand bags and 2 laptop bags!! Don’t underestimate the size of hand bags…they were capable of giving competition to my only bag.

Life didn’t seem to be so good when they all sat on the births in front of me. The very look of their luggage gave me a mini heart attack!! By the time I came out of my shock, I saw they have already settled their luggage problem by using one of their seats for keeping their bags, giving the coach a look of store room! My God, why can’t people travel with basic stuff?? Why they have to carry their entire home wherever they go?
Placing all the bags was also a task in itself with their uncles and kulis trying all permutations and combinations to keep as many bags as possible on one seat. I seriously felt bad for the poor seat. If seat wasn’t a non-living thing, it would have died of over-burden for sure.

Enough luggage story…now lets move to the fifth passenger …His very look was upsetting me…his appearance- Yes he looked exactly like one of my lecturer!!(Name I can’t disclose). His extremely slow body movements with a permanent smile reminded me of “him” again and again. Though his selection of bright pink shirt with candy stripes wouldn’t have gone too well with my professor, apart from that, he was exactly like “him”. As if 6 months of classes and assignments were not enough that I was still being haunted by our dear lecturer…even during vacations!! I need a break!! Leave me alone at least for 15 days…I kept thinking about that while staring at my co-passenger without him having the slightest idea of what he is making me go through just by his looks!!!