Friday, January 1, 2010

Just another interesting journey…

While going to Guwahati this time, I decided to take three night long journey via train instead of four hours of flying. So, if I am travelling for so long with strangers, how can I even expect it to be simple and uneventful?
Hmm…this journey was uneventful, apart from one family of four coming with “13” bags…I repeat 13 briefcases with 2 additional hand bags and 2 laptop bags!! Don’t underestimate the size of hand bags…they were capable of giving competition to my only bag.

Life didn’t seem to be so good when they all sat on the births in front of me. The very look of their luggage gave me a mini heart attack!! By the time I came out of my shock, I saw they have already settled their luggage problem by using one of their seats for keeping their bags, giving the coach a look of store room! My God, why can’t people travel with basic stuff?? Why they have to carry their entire home wherever they go?
Placing all the bags was also a task in itself with their uncles and kulis trying all permutations and combinations to keep as many bags as possible on one seat. I seriously felt bad for the poor seat. If seat wasn’t a non-living thing, it would have died of over-burden for sure.

Enough luggage story…now lets move to the fifth passenger …His very look was upsetting me…his appearance- Yes he looked exactly like one of my lecturer!!(Name I can’t disclose). His extremely slow body movements with a permanent smile reminded me of “him” again and again. Though his selection of bright pink shirt with candy stripes wouldn’t have gone too well with my professor, apart from that, he was exactly like “him”. As if 6 months of classes and assignments were not enough that I was still being haunted by our dear lecturer…even during vacations!! I need a break!! Leave me alone at least for 15 days…I kept thinking about that while staring at my co-passenger without him having the slightest idea of what he is making me go through just by his looks!!!

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