Monday, January 11, 2010

Whats there in dress code???

Since our childhood, we are conditioned or I must say forced to wear particular kind of dresses on particular occasions and situations. Going to meet your grandparents, you must wear something 'decent'- preferably a kurta or a long top and it would be loved if its salwar- kammez(which goes without saying). Going for a family function, you are not expected to wear jeans and tees even though you are most comfortable in it. Coming to academic and professional life, college have their own dress code-you are supposed to wear only formal shirts and pants and salwar-kameez which offcoursecan't be sleeveless! As if the system will colapse if you attend classes in jeans.
What are these institutions preaching? Are they trying to avoid distractions or curbing personal freedom of an individual? Are these institutions still unaware of the vary basic fact that dressing won't affect an individual's performance. wearing jeans or tees at work or in classes doesn't mean that the person is incapable of doing the task s/he is assigned to do. It just shows our choice of dressing in which we are most comfortable.
Leave institutions, two months back a mall in Chennai prohibited people from entering the mall in lungi. A mall is a place to hang-out and shop, in a way a place to relax; what a person's dressing has to do with it?
Dressing is an expression of oneself, one's personality. It is a representation of the choices we make. So why curb one's freedom to present themselves in whichever they like to? Why govern even the way they dress?

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