Friday, January 29, 2010

Why I am not a Hindu’- a must read

I just completed reading “Why I am not a Hindu” by Kancha Illaiah. I chose the because of sheer curiosity as it has attracted lots of controversies. Desire to know the perspective of a Dalit-bahujan regarding the Hindu system also motivated me to read the book.

Now after reading the entire, I would recommend everyone to read this book at least once. This doesn’t mean that the book is a masterpiece on Dalit culture or Hinduism. In fact I doubt if it comes even closure to being a masterpiece! However, I must say the book presents few excellent insights into Hindu religion and lifestyle and Dalitbahujan’s lifestyle. But there are other reasons too for which this book should be read.

Primarily to know about the Dalit-bahujan’s lifestyle, to know about their Gods and Goddesses, their working style, of which very few of us have proper knowledge, the class and cultural differences between upper castes (whom Illiah has referred as the entire Hindu community) and lower castes.

Secondly to get a first hand perspective of a person from so called “Dalit community” about the Hindu religion and its tradition and culture and mainly on caste-system. I hope that’s not the view of entire community as there are many loopholes and apparently misunderstanding of Hindu as a religion or as a lifestyle.
Thirdly to know how not to generalize everything. A religion can not be accused of being unfair and based on the desire to rule others, just because some of it practices are unacceptable. The evil and unreasonable practices of a religion should be brought into light and criticized so that they can be eradicated but blaming the whole system of a lifestyle and religion is not justified.
The fourth reason for you all to read the book is to learn how not to let your personal anger and enmity governs you while writing a book on topics of social and cultural concerns!

There might be other reasons too for reading this book which you all can suggest me after reading the book.


  1. Illaiah has been a helluva man in slinging mud at 'Hindus', the day he came for the lecture. Nevertheless I'd like to read the book since it'll be a free, coz you have it ;) And I absolutely & totally agree with your fourth reason. Coz I am sure he must have overdone it. Being a best seller, i guess the other reasons too hold right.

  2. @ gayathri: ya you are right..being a man what he is..I think its natural for him to be hyper some times ;)..but I would have liked little more maturity on his part in handling the subject..
    n ya you are most welcomed to take and read it:):)

  3. i don't want to be politically correct so here it is- illaiah is a pest... he has surprisingly high levels of adrenaline for a 58 year old person.I think people with prejudice shouldn't write a book...
    anyways i'm not spending money to read what illaiah has to say on my religion... i will search for an e-book though ;)

  4. @ pranjal: thats your personal don't have anything to say regarding it..but i think the book provides great insight into the culture of dalitbahujan's life..
    and for me, its not about my religion..our prejudices must not affect our description of any relgion for that matter..
    by the way e-book is a good idea;)

  5. Interesting story. You have talent :).
    I am a fashion writer and think that you should definitely follow me blog.

  6. @naina sethi: thanks a lot..thats really kind of u :):)

  7. I have read that book, may be a year ago.

    It showcases the dalit view vehemently.

    No doubt, the dalits are oppressed in

    But extremist arguments are not good in any field - be it in religion, caste or politics.

  8. @ jayan Evoor: I agree with you...extreme attitute is bad for any field...people must be cautious in presenting their view and generalsing them...