Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life isn’t that difficult…

I was just reading William Dalrymple’s ‘Nine Lives- In Search of the Sacred in Modern India ’. The book is a travelogue with nine stories about the people with different lives whom the author meets during his journey.

One of the story ‘The Daughters of Yellamma’ interests me more than others. The narration is all about the live of Devadasis, the struggle they go through, the pain they bear all their life and the happiness which they pretend to show to the outside world. Rani Bai who is a devdasi, came as an extremely strong and positive person, a persona difficult to find in our normal daily lives.

The story forced me to ponder about our lives, how we all get upset about small things and how our lives revolve around petty expectations. Rani Bai, who has no expectations even from her sons, who has lost both her daughters and was dedicated by her parents at the age of nine, holds no grudge against anyone. The selfless character of hers is full of optimism. Her ability to see the bright side of life even in the darkest period is remarkable. Her dream of leading a comfortable life even after being detected by HIV positive, her optimistic attitude can put any one of us to shame who spend half of their lives in complaining and wallowing.

Hmm…I seem to be quite carried away by the story of Rani Bai. But if given a thought, her story is an example of constant fights, strong commitment towards one’s responsibilities and duty. Her tale tells us how privileged we all are, how lucky we all are to have a comfortable life. There is much more than searching jobs, fighting with boy-friends, friction with parents…life is much more complicated than all these…we just need to realize it.