Thursday, April 8, 2010

I will miss

Nearing end of college life, we are gearing up for life outside the comfort of campus of University of Hyderabad and are preparing for leaving friends behind.
Life in University has been a wonderful experience. There have been many ups and downs. I witnessed some of the best as well as worst moments of my life here. Going away from the place you loved so much, from the people you admire so much, is painful.
One of my friends suggested the idea of writing letters so as to be in contact with each other even after leaving this place. So here is my attempt to tell all of my special ones-how special they are to me…
Hmm… it’s a difficult task to put your feelings into words. The only thing I can say is that I will miss. I will miss everything. I will miss hanging out, going for dinners, movies. I will miss going to lake at odd hours. I will miss having midnight walks. I will miss looking at the stars and sleeping under the sky. I will miss bursting into laughter anywhere anytime. I will miss our jokes, our teasing each other, out hour’s long talk, sharing every thing under the Sun. I will miss our intellectual discussions and thinking that we are so different from the rest!!! I will miss trying to learn Malayalam (though I don’t think I can ever speak this language) and ending up in speaking in ‘literary’ Hindi. I will miss making maggi/coffee at 4 o’clock in morning and forcing each other in doing stuff of our likes!! I will miss dying for home food and being always ready to be invited for dinner. I will miss our pseudo-movie marathons, our discussions about dressing and fashion and about ‘OTHERS’.I will miss making plans of travelling to Kashmir. I will miss giving nick names and admiring our creativity in doing so!
I will miss the love I got from this place. The support of my friends whenever I needed, their faith in my judgments and decisions, being guided and being told about my faults- I will miss all these. I will miss the comfort I got in your company. I will miss each and every aspect of these two years.
There is so much more to write but for now just thanking you all for making me feel so special.

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