Monday, July 19, 2010

New Age letters

Visit your grandparents and you will get to hear about how they use to write letters and communicate. The second issue which comes into account is that we, the young generation has lost the habit of writing.
Hmm... I disagree (like always!!). Its true that we don’t write letters anymore but we do communicate through a new and modified form of letters. One of my friends wrote a letter by using note-pad and saving it on my desktop! Other wrote a letter and posted it on the blog! The other used chat status message to reply to that post! I wrote a letter and mailed all of them!
We do write letters but in a different format…a format which is much more comfortable and convenient than traditional letter writing. Social networking seems to be helping a lot. Our new high-end letters are not only convenient. They are fasts too. You have a fight with your boy friend? You don’t want to talk on phone? Just drop an email. Solution to all the communication issues. And if we go little deeper, it prevent s many fights and heart burns too. You are conditioned to look at least once before mailing. And in most of the cases, you delete than add up. There is always a high chance that another person won’t react in the same way, not as bitterly as yours response. And the time gap between receiving and sending mails will definitely calm you down.
So all you couples out there…use emails cum letters for fights. It more effective than you think…and in a good way off course!

PS: My job is affecting me more than I can think of. I have almost written a pitch note for emails!!!

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