Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Square root

What is the square root of 4? 8 came the reply when her father asked! As if this wasn’t enough, she asked the same question on one of the social networking sites. Answers poured in, some said 16 or 8. Some managed to get it right and said 2 (yes it is the right answer, what were you thinking??).

All this left me wondering what the square root of 3 is!! So I asked my sister (supposedly a scientist) who struggled with me to find that out. We had almost half an hour telephonic discussion trying to recollect the methods of calculating square roots. Without any success we decided to close the matter then and there. But I, who was constantly being haunted by the question, decided to pose same question to my mother. She being more intelligent than us first explained me the process of finding square root which was quite accurate and sounded exactly like our mathematics books. But then the big question came- what the square root of 3 is? How you calculate it? And there she struggled too. Then came my sister (software engineer with SEVEN Years of experience and the most intelligent of the lot), she tried to explain me the entire method. At the beginning, I was quite confident about her abilities to crack the problems. But when it came to square root of 3, her abilities seemed to fade. So in spite of getting repeated lectures on the way to find out square roots, we all struggled to get the square root of 3 right.

So what is the square root of 3?????