Friday, October 22, 2010

Any Anwers....

Headley and his stories are everywhere in the media. I have taken just one newspaper's coverage on the issue to see how much has been written. In spite of this, there is a disturbing silence from leaders of our country, supposedly "the Voice of Voiceless" ; Our Saviours!!

Headlines from The Times of India

10-09-2010: Headley had Lalbaugcha Raja on terror list
06-10-2010: Headley’s targets put on fresh alert
12-10-2010: Why didn’t US give us Headley’s name: India17-10-2010: Wife told FBI about Headley’s LeT links before 26/1121-10-2010: I filmed PM’s residence too, claims Headley
22-10-2010: Headley videotaped Barc colony for ISI
Deadly Mission
Headley gave the video to his ISI ‘handler’ in Pakistan, but not to LeT Initially, the Taj was the sole target.

They are the DESTROYERS of PEACE and HARMONY from our lives, from the life of COMMON MAN.
Why none of the political parties have come up with any comments or any actions against this Deadly affair? Why do we have to tolerate all this? Why do we have to depend on those politicians for justice?

By..Charu Sharma


  1. hmmm... pretty serious. it is one of the inherent hazards of being a democracy... it slows down the things. That I and U are discussing this issue openly on an online forum signifies the freedom of speech and that freedom of speech in a country as diverse as ours comes at the cost of slow system. had it been china, we'd have been booked for criticizing the state.
    have patience, i have complete faith in our system and would hope u too have. It is slow but it's not actually completely hopeless.

  2. @ pranjal: Hmm..right you are but there is limit for everything...