Monday, October 18, 2010

None of your business...

Everybody is interested when a new employee joins an organisation. There will be lots of observation and later discussion on those observations (Believe me people have all the time in this world to discuss these things). There will also be questions pouring in…it will start with where have you been put up (the most decent one). But within a span of one week, they will dissect every bits and pieces of your life. From your family to your friends and boy friends…your history, your future, they need to know every thing. I often wonder why somebody needs to know another person’s life details. And knowing your relationship status is the most important thing. You all must have faced these questions I am sure. If they want you to connect with your fellow employees, the question will be about you love life. They want you to open up/ break the ice (as they call it) and the questions will be –

Colleague 1: Do you have a boy-friend?


Colleague 1-Oh I am sorry. But you must have had one?

(Why on earth are you sorry? No body has died! Why? Do I look like ‘need to have boy-friend’ kind?)Umm…Aaa…

Colleague 2- Ok do you have any close friend?

Ya I do. I have few close friends.

Colleague 1- Any best friend?

I do have best friend.

Colleague 1- Oh (smiles…On all the faces present!!) So Jane Tu Ja Jane Na!! Interesting. Where is he?

(None of your business) Haan!!!No he is in a relationship. We are just good friends. He is the same city.

Colleague 1-No No. I am telling you with all these years of experience, you both can’t be just friends (this is coming after 3 days of you joining the office)

Colleague 2- I am now marrying my best friend. I am telling you will too.

No. Why on earth will I? I am happy for you. Congrats but no. (Traumatized by the way conversation is going on)

Colleague 3- A guy’s best friend is always his girl friend. How come you are his best friend?

(Why don’t you go and ask him) Hmm…Umm…(thinking of ways to put an end to this torture)

Suddenly the most senior person interferes and enlightens us with her insight into the matter.

Senior Colleague- I think she is right. It is the best way in my opinion. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship and commitment and thus she has a best friend.

(Wow…what the hell does this mean?) Hmm… (trying her level best to control the irritation)

Some people seriously need to utilize their energy in some thing positive. Or else, they will use their experience and knowledge and God knows what all in deciding your present and future!! I think every office should have “mind your own business” session every month.


  1. Ha Ha Ha...this actually happens? i find it hard to digest that someone would actually have guts to come to you and break the ice with a "do you have a boy friend?". height of joblessness. the discussion seems to be hell bent on putting you in a relationship. Ha ha. My sympathies for having faced such dumb wits.

  2. @ pranjal: believe me it happens..not just in one organisation!! I know people who have experienced this.This seems to be the new- trend in offices!!! God save us...

  3. Ha!!!

    Funny narration.

    Enjoy situations like these and give answers that encourage them.

    Give a new story every day!

    They will give up!

  4. @jayan: thanks. you are right, thats the best way to stop them...i shall defintely try this!!!