Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unforgettable & Exciting

I was moving back to Bangalore from Hyderabad. So this was my last journey (as nothing is permanent so I might just go back! but for now this seemed to be the last one). In these two and half years, several times I have travelled via this same route. But this was the most memorable, more than the last one which I have already written about.

It all began with a hectic day. Yes, even on the day I was leaving I had to go to my office. No no, not to seek everyone’s leave but to work!! So I went little early as I had to finish this huge amount of work (handover, monthly and quarter reviews).

But as always, something has to happen… so my computer suddenly started showing all kinds of problems and by the time it was repaired, our network was down!! Am I destined to face problems??? Whatever it is, I managed to finish everything by afternoon and left. I had to go and do my packing and catch my train at 9pm.

This time, I didn’t go to meet my friends or anything, in fact my friend came to my place so as give me company. It was a pleasant surprise and comforting at a time when I was so worked up. After all for the first time I was doing all my packing and shifting back with my entire luggage…that too all by myself (I felt like congratulating myself again and again)
I booked my cab for 6.15 in evening. I was all ready and we were waiting for my taxi to arrive. It was 6.30 but there was no sign of my cab so I called up the driver. He almost gave me a heart attack. ‘Madam I am going to Gachibowli and can’t come to Jubliee Hills now’- he told me. ‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier?’- I screamed. Immediately I called up for the cab service to get another cab (and definitely to scream for being so irresponsible. ‘It is not possible to arrange for another taxi’- they responded.

It was almost 7 and I had to board the train by 9!! How will I do that? We tried all other cab services. My friend called even her office cab driver. But nothing worked out. With the amount of luggage I had, going in one auto also seemed to be impossible.

Without wasting much time, we both went out to bring an auto. We both went to different places and tried getting one. Few drives who agreed earlier also declined after seeing the number of bags I had.
Almost in tears, I lost all my hopes and called my family who sitting in Bangalore were trying their level best to get me a transport (How?? Calling and trying to get cabs for me in Hyderabad).

But surprisingly one auto came and agreed to take me (on a double amount though) to the station. It was almost 8.15 when I started for the station and was almost sure that I won’t reach on time.

My friend who was waiting for me at the station was giving me all the updates. He called up to tell me that train has already arrived and ready to leave when I was still stuck at some stupid traffic jam. This made me 100 percent sure that I have missed the train. I even contemplated of going back but my friend kept motivating me. So by the time I reached station, it was past 9.

But as if this wasn’t enough, my friend told me that the train is on platform 3 and we are on platform 1. That means running and climbing stairs. And the top of that my coach no was HA2. So we have to pas through almost entire train to reach my coach. So now, me, my friend and the porters (who again charged crazy amount), we all were running and everyone was staring!! I felt like slapping all of those sitting inside the train and staring at us (though it wasn’t their mistake that I am late but u know general felling of irrational irritation!)

By the time, we reached near my coach, train started moving and my porter managed to push few of my bags inside and asked me to get in. But suddenly I decided not to! And asked my porter to take out all my bags (I often take strange decisions like this!) So my poor porter has now to pull all my bags out from the running train! I was quite impressed with his performance!

Suddenly my always-energetic and dear friend decided to try again (yes when it has already left the station) So my poor friend (in a hope to get me on to the train) ran behind the train and tried convincing the man to stop the train for few minutes!! (Yes he asked him…Heights of optimism I say!) But as expected nothing happened.

Hmm…now what…having run behind autos and then train, I was too exhausted to think of anything. So when I called my family to tell this, I got to know they are now trying to get me bus tickets now. But the big question was – will they wait for me to reach there or do I have to reap the same scene again? In no mood for running, I told them not to try. However, my brother called up someone in Bangalore who called the person in Hyderabad who in return called me and told me that they are ready to wait for me and have a seat!

Wow…so at last I was going:). Even though, I was too tired to feel anything, memories of the days spent at the university and office, of those 2 and half years reminded me of the splendid time I had in this city. So with a heavy heart and tired mind, I bid farewell to Hyderabad.

PS: I have got into the habit of writing really long post. So bear with me!!


  1. When adventures unveil they seem as freaky life events, seeking a mysterious end, not to discard the neurotic thrill involved!

  2. @psyche: true...they might be freaky but make the memorable moments of our lives :)

  3. I have always loved your travel experiences and the way you present them.