Thursday, December 2, 2010

When uncle used his grey matter….

My neighbor, S… Uncle was standing outside his home this afternoon. So was I. Even the other man from the house in front of mine was standing outside his gate. So is this a news that everybody is outside there home?? Definitely not…
Okay I better start with the actual thing now.
My sweet S…Uncle, quite nice as a neighbor and I guess as a person too (but not too sure about it). He has the habit of speaking to everyone around him. So now when our neighbor’s daughter came with another tiny girl after her school, my uncle started with his questioning session..
He asked the tiny daughter about her new tiny friend.
Uncle S…who is she beta?
Daughter My b…friend.
Uncle S… Oh your boy friend?
Me (standing near my gate and randomly looking at the two girls) They were quite pretty and doll-like girls so I didn’t mind spending some of my time looking at them!
So when I heard my uncle’s question, it amused me to a great extent. He even after looking at her friend, who was obviously a girl dressed in her tiny skirt with two small pony tails, thought that she (he, in his case) is the neighbor’s daughter’s boy friend! Uncle! Use your experience and knowledge you have gained in all these years- I thought.
Daughter.. No my B…friend
Uncle S.. Oh your best friend?
Me…wow this time uncle seems to be using little bit of grey matter, though this is hardly a situation to even to use that!
Daughter: no my Bus friend.
Uncle S.. Oh accha..
Me.. What!…Bus friend…interesting…now you have these categories too, interesting- I thought and came back to my room!


  1. The ‘grey matter’, indeed a matter of time, is most of the times considered to be a psychological phenomenon, which rarely occurs though. After all it’s not a rule for the ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ to be alike!

  2. subtle narration... I loved it. Never thought of writing stories? U'd write 'em good. Do give it a try if u can...

  3. @psyche: so true..infact in most of the cases its differs!! in spite of that we end up having expectations based on outside :)

    @Pranjal: thanks a lot..thats really motivating :)

  4. great narration.. you should really try your hands at short stories!

  5. Ur blogs are sort of making me realize that reading blogs is not that boring. It's actually refreshing to read such normal situations written so simply n beautifully!!!:-)

  6. @ monica: Thanks:) Your comments means a lot to me.