Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oreo and Uncle S…

No is not about my Uncle and his fondness for Oreo buiscuits. Oreo is our Dog. Yes..we have named our Dog after the legendary biscuit!! Reason being similarity in colour! And just to let you all know, I would like to inform you that even though we have named him on buscuits, he is not available for eating or similar purposes. ..

Coming to my Uncle..

Now he has restored to talking to dogs and decided to spare humans (You have no idea how happy I am because of this). So his daily conversation with Oreo goes like this:

Uncle S…: Arey Oreoo..

Oreo: Oreo goes towards Unlce, his tail wagging.

Uncle S…Oreo Kya kar raha hai? (what are you doing Oreo?)
Oreo: Oreo continues wagging his tail. And uncle his conversation.

Uncle: (again) Oreo aaj kya kahaya?
Oreo: Trying to lick Uncle, but Uncle won’t even let him do that.

Me: (thinks) Same question again. Uncle you know what he eats- Dog Food, obviously!!

Uncle: Oreo gumne chalega? (Will you come for a walk?)
Oreo: Now almost standing on the side of the wall so as to reach Uncle, still wagging his tail.

Me (thinks): As if you will take if he says yes. I so much wish, one day (just one day) Oreo actually answers Uncle’s all the questions.
Who knows, after that Uncle might stop asking him any. May be he is waiting for that one day and thus still trying so hard to get some answers out of him!

Now Oreo takes the lead. He starts barking.

Uncle: Kyun baunk raha hai? (Why are you barking?)
Oreo: Still barking.

Me: Beacause he is a Dog Uncle. Obviously he will bark but who will explain this to my Uncle!
No one I guess. Poor Oreo, Everyday he has to bear with this torture. I, having gone through similar experince can totally emphathise with him!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mumbai as I saw it

Disclaimer: This is entirely how I felt on my Mumbai visit so bear wit me if I have missed out on the other “good things” about the city.
Last month I visited my sister and brother in law in Mumbai. The visit has left huge impression on me.

The city again and again presented loads of contrasts in almost every aspect I happened to come in contact with. When I went to Church Street, the contrast stroked me more than I would have imagined. I was amazed as well as shocked by the differences I saw, in terms of life, time and status. On one side stand age-old buildings narrating their stories of hardships and glorious moments under British rule which we don’t like to cherish much. And on the other side stand glass buildings, spectacular presentations of modern architecture. Both these divided by just a road. It creates nostalgia in you and at the same time hits you with the reality. I guess that’s the very "essence" of Mumbai. The gap between new and old is so obvious there that no one can ever afford not to see it. I didn’t spend much of my time there but those few moments, the clear passage of time and the change it has brought struck me hard as I walked across the street.

The much talked about scenes of slum at one side and the flourishing economy at the other is also hard to miss. I won’t go into detail as we already have been bombarded with the topic from every angle since our childhood, be it in movies, debates, talk shows or processions, etc.

Coming to the most important part of my trip though of which still brings water in my mouth. I fell in love with Khakara. Being a lays chips fan, my preference of khakara over it is quite significant. My sister, being so kind has already started sending khakara through courier! And yes, vada-pao, quite an exploited snack of Maharastra, actually tastes amazing in Mumbai. Almost all the places where I had it, it tasted heavenly. Quite clich├ęd, but truly, you can not get better vada-paos anywhere in the world. And top of that, I realized how good it can taste. I didn’t like the Undiya or khandvi. Now all those khandvi fans out there don’t kill me for this.

Locals…how can I forget locals while mentioning Mumbai. I literally went mum when I saw the crowd. The number of people travelling in these locals is exceptionally huge. It is sheer magic to see these people fitting in one small tiny compartment. I pitied the poor train. It, in real terms, is carrying the weight of Mumbai!

At first I couldn’t imagine myself entering into one of these. But I couldn’t stop myself for long. Yes I did try the locals (“so what”- if this is what you are thinking right now, let me tell you- for a person like me who hates crowded places, it was not less than a victory). I went in mornings though (had to play safe!, couldn’t help it)…not much rush but still worth a journey will all kinds of creatures around you (will venture into this area some other day)

The majestic sea and glorious Elephanta caves also have few good memories related to them but the experience was like any other tourist’s. Have a lot about Mumbai in my mind to pen down that I think it is judicial to keep the pen down before I start confusing you all.

More on my next post!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here comes Uncle S…Again!!!

Yes my dear Uncle S… has come back again. For those of you who have no clue of what I am referring to-reading my previous post “When uncle used his grey matter” can be helpful in wiping that question mark off your face.

And for the rest of you, Uncle S who has already demonstrated his exceptional intellect* has appeared again. And this time, it was no one else but me who went through the never ending grilling process. Here is the glimpse of sad story-

Dear Uncle S…: Beta have you shifted back? I see that you been staying her for quite some.
Me: (he noticed it now-after almost 3 months! Anyway having no other option, I decided to answer): Yes uncle.

Incredible Uncle S…: Into which job were you in Hyderabad?
Me: PR Uncle. I mean Public Relations.

Uncle: Why did you leave that job?
Me: I didn’t like that (thanking my luck for the “normal” conversation I was having)

Uncle: Oh then why did you join it?
Me: I used to like the field then.

Uncle: Then why did you leave?
Me: I didn’t like it uncle. (Am I speaking English or something else?? Can someone tell me which language does my uncle understand??)

Uncle: Then you shouldn’t have joined?
Me: I didn’t know that before joining. (Wondering why Am I even trying to even explain)

Uncle: Why didn’t you know then?
Me: I was a fresher. I had no experience of the field.

(God why on earth Am I explaining all this? And what was I saying? - Thankful for having a normal conversation. Thankful, yes I am, for surviving all that!)

So the conversation or shall I say the interrogation continued and so does the torture….

*(again go to “When uncle used his grey matter” for better comprehension)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Self within Self

Just finished reading the case study of Sybil Dorsett. An exceptionally interesting book about the integration of a girl with 16 different personalities into one person. Each of her personalities was an outcome of hidden emotions, buried deep in her unconscious.

In her case, her emotions and fears took the shape of 16 separate personalities who controlled the real Sybil from time to time and dictated her life based on their assumptions and liking. The separation and integration of these personalities, though quite complicated still presented a clear picture when the real self realized and accepted the existence of others.

If we carefully look, Sybil might be just an explicit case, but we all have these multiple personalities. The only difference if that we are aware of them while Sybil was not. Our different emotions leading us to react differently, depending on the kind of feelings governing us at that moment are the representation of those hidden ‘individuals’ (if I can say so) in us.

There is one more difference, because of our awareness, we try to keep a check on these personalities within us and coordinate with them. For instance, sometimes, we let our carefree side take over and indulge into pampering. But then the serious, so called ‘practical’ side comes back and take everything in control gearing us up for the work after a relaxed weekend. What I feel is that each of our personalities keeps a check as well as helps the other whenever needed. That’s the reason we survive, we live and we strike back every time after a setback.

But what constitutes these personalities? Is this just the emotion or the experience we go through at different stages of life? Is it the amalgamation of all these or is it just a single component forming the base of an inner personality? I don’t have answer to any of these questions. Sometimes, one emotion dictates our actions while at other times it might be just a past experience dictating our entire course of behaviour.

With the help of Dr. Wilbur, Sybil had solved the puzzles of her life. But for us it is still a mystery. We still need to uncover those hidden, small selves within us.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Preserve memories- said my friend. It always feels nice to go back and read some old chats, mails and messages, said another. But I have my memory to go back to those moments worth cherishing. What about the moments and conversations of which you don’t have any record? Don’t you remember them?

I do. I might have one of the best conversations of my life with a stranger in a journey of one or two days. I might have spent some of the most adventurous moments with some fellow travelers. I don’t have any record of those events nor do I intend to keep any. But I still cherish those moments, think about and yes learn from them.

My friends are right too. On some bad days, when your mood is running all time low, you go to your inbox and see messages from your loved ones. Just a glimpse of those words reminds you of the good time. And give you the courage to get back on track. Isn’t it?

Doesn’t matter, whether you save your special moments or not…you tend to go back- sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally.