Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here comes Uncle S…Again!!!

Yes my dear Uncle S… has come back again. For those of you who have no clue of what I am referring to-reading my previous post “When uncle used his grey matter” can be helpful in wiping that question mark off your face.

And for the rest of you, Uncle S who has already demonstrated his exceptional intellect* has appeared again. And this time, it was no one else but me who went through the never ending grilling process. Here is the glimpse of sad story-

Dear Uncle S…: Beta have you shifted back? I see that you been staying her for quite some.
Me: (he noticed it now-after almost 3 months! Anyway having no other option, I decided to answer): Yes uncle.

Incredible Uncle S…: Into which job were you in Hyderabad?
Me: PR Uncle. I mean Public Relations.

Uncle: Why did you leave that job?
Me: I didn’t like that (thanking my luck for the “normal” conversation I was having)

Uncle: Oh then why did you join it?
Me: I used to like the field then.

Uncle: Then why did you leave?
Me: I didn’t like it uncle. (Am I speaking English or something else?? Can someone tell me which language does my uncle understand??)

Uncle: Then you shouldn’t have joined?
Me: I didn’t know that before joining. (Wondering why Am I even trying to even explain)

Uncle: Why didn’t you know then?
Me: I was a fresher. I had no experience of the field.

(God why on earth Am I explaining all this? And what was I saying? - Thankful for having a normal conversation. Thankful, yes I am, for surviving all that!)

So the conversation or shall I say the interrogation continued and so does the torture….

*(again go to “When uncle used his grey matter” for better comprehension)

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