Thursday, March 3, 2011


Preserve memories- said my friend. It always feels nice to go back and read some old chats, mails and messages, said another. But I have my memory to go back to those moments worth cherishing. What about the moments and conversations of which you don’t have any record? Don’t you remember them?

I do. I might have one of the best conversations of my life with a stranger in a journey of one or two days. I might have spent some of the most adventurous moments with some fellow travelers. I don’t have any record of those events nor do I intend to keep any. But I still cherish those moments, think about and yes learn from them.

My friends are right too. On some bad days, when your mood is running all time low, you go to your inbox and see messages from your loved ones. Just a glimpse of those words reminds you of the good time. And give you the courage to get back on track. Isn’t it?

Doesn’t matter, whether you save your special moments or not…you tend to go back- sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally.

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