Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mumbai as I saw it

Disclaimer: This is entirely how I felt on my Mumbai visit so bear wit me if I have missed out on the other “good things” about the city.
Last month I visited my sister and brother in law in Mumbai. The visit has left huge impression on me.

The city again and again presented loads of contrasts in almost every aspect I happened to come in contact with. When I went to Church Street, the contrast stroked me more than I would have imagined. I was amazed as well as shocked by the differences I saw, in terms of life, time and status. On one side stand age-old buildings narrating their stories of hardships and glorious moments under British rule which we don’t like to cherish much. And on the other side stand glass buildings, spectacular presentations of modern architecture. Both these divided by just a road. It creates nostalgia in you and at the same time hits you with the reality. I guess that’s the very "essence" of Mumbai. The gap between new and old is so obvious there that no one can ever afford not to see it. I didn’t spend much of my time there but those few moments, the clear passage of time and the change it has brought struck me hard as I walked across the street.

The much talked about scenes of slum at one side and the flourishing economy at the other is also hard to miss. I won’t go into detail as we already have been bombarded with the topic from every angle since our childhood, be it in movies, debates, talk shows or processions, etc.

Coming to the most important part of my trip though of which still brings water in my mouth. I fell in love with Khakara. Being a lays chips fan, my preference of khakara over it is quite significant. My sister, being so kind has already started sending khakara through courier! And yes, vada-pao, quite an exploited snack of Maharastra, actually tastes amazing in Mumbai. Almost all the places where I had it, it tasted heavenly. Quite clichéd, but truly, you can not get better vada-paos anywhere in the world. And top of that, I realized how good it can taste. I didn’t like the Undiya or khandvi. Now all those khandvi fans out there don’t kill me for this.

Locals…how can I forget locals while mentioning Mumbai. I literally went mum when I saw the crowd. The number of people travelling in these locals is exceptionally huge. It is sheer magic to see these people fitting in one small tiny compartment. I pitied the poor train. It, in real terms, is carrying the weight of Mumbai!

At first I couldn’t imagine myself entering into one of these. But I couldn’t stop myself for long. Yes I did try the locals (“so what”- if this is what you are thinking right now, let me tell you- for a person like me who hates crowded places, it was not less than a victory). I went in mornings though (had to play safe!, couldn’t help it)…not much rush but still worth a journey will all kinds of creatures around you (will venture into this area some other day)

The majestic sea and glorious Elephanta caves also have few good memories related to them but the experience was like any other tourist’s. Have a lot about Mumbai in my mind to pen down that I think it is judicial to keep the pen down before I start confusing you all.

More on my next post!!


  1. Hey its gonna be a little difficult for u to travel the world if ur uncomfortable with crowded places...u should start getting used to it my dear!!:-P

    Btw loved ur blog...keep updating me!!

  2. wow!!!!!!
    i loved ur version of this mumbai city...
    quite interesting!!!!!!!!!

  3. @monica: Thanks. Thats very motivating :) Yes what you said is correct. I do need to work on this and yes i am trying to be comfortable with the crowd as much as possible.

  4. @ Charu: Thanks. That means a lot.

  5. sahi hai beta...ekdumm jhakass..:)