Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oreo and Uncle S…

No is not about my Uncle and his fondness for Oreo buiscuits. Oreo is our Dog. Yes..we have named our Dog after the legendary biscuit!! Reason being similarity in colour! And just to let you all know, I would like to inform you that even though we have named him on buscuits, he is not available for eating or similar purposes. ..

Coming to my Uncle..

Now he has restored to talking to dogs and decided to spare humans (You have no idea how happy I am because of this). So his daily conversation with Oreo goes like this:

Uncle S…: Arey Oreoo..

Oreo: Oreo goes towards Unlce, his tail wagging.

Uncle S…Oreo Kya kar raha hai? (what are you doing Oreo?)
Oreo: Oreo continues wagging his tail. And uncle his conversation.

Uncle: (again) Oreo aaj kya kahaya?
Oreo: Trying to lick Uncle, but Uncle won’t even let him do that.

Me: (thinks) Same question again. Uncle you know what he eats- Dog Food, obviously!!

Uncle: Oreo gumne chalega? (Will you come for a walk?)
Oreo: Now almost standing on the side of the wall so as to reach Uncle, still wagging his tail.

Me (thinks): As if you will take if he says yes. I so much wish, one day (just one day) Oreo actually answers Uncle’s all the questions.
Who knows, after that Uncle might stop asking him any. May be he is waiting for that one day and thus still trying so hard to get some answers out of him!

Now Oreo takes the lead. He starts barking.

Uncle: Kyun baunk raha hai? (Why are you barking?)
Oreo: Still barking.

Me: Beacause he is a Dog Uncle. Obviously he will bark but who will explain this to my Uncle!
No one I guess. Poor Oreo, Everyday he has to bear with this torture. I, having gone through similar experince can totally emphathise with him!


  1. hey..this one is really cool...

    If some day, ur Uncle Sam comes to know abt ur write ups..what would be his reaction!!!!!

    great way of narrating small things!!!

  2. @charu: thanks dear :) just to inform you its not Uncle Sam but Uncle S :)

  3. Very nice read... I'd like to meet this Uncle S of urs.... :)
    Drawing inspiration from you to start writing again... :)

  4. @kavitha: Thanks a lot:) Will look forward to your blog :)

  5. :D all your recent posts have been so lol-able and i keep laughing imagining you and oreo and uncle in conversation.

  6. Hi Richa sharma.. Myself Vetri - Editor of BLOGM (Magazine on Blogs). You wont believe, whole team were searching for this kinda post . Well narrated. Elegant. Long Live Uncle S and OREO. We will be publishing this post on our April Edition. Keep yourself updated on and

    keep narrating ,, happy BLogging.

  7. @Vetri: Thanks a lot for selecting my post. I am honored. I will be waiting for the edition :)

  8. @gayathri: thanks dear..thats very generous of you :)

  9. hmmm .....Somebody is getting famous through blogs.."-):-)-) (Jokes apart) good work..I have read ur Mumbai blog and this one..simply superb..keep writing

  10. @anonymous: Hi dear anonymous it would be great to know you :) but thanks a lot :)