Wednesday, May 25, 2011

He Changed it All...

Underweight-weighing just 3 kilos, petite and little unsure of his new family, sitting on the corner most side of the car, he made an entering into our lives. Oreo, our first pet ever changed all of us. Everyone was against my brother in law's decision to get a pet but all of that changed.From my sister who never wanted a pet in home to my Dad who has never been close to any Dog for that matter! Even when I came back from Hyderabad, my first reaction was to threaten my family that I will leave the house unless they get him out of the home! (Oh yes, if you are thinking- let me tell you - threatening people is my favorite pass time!) But he changed even 'me'!

It might be usual for you all but for a family like ours who have always been indifferent to pets if not anti, it is nothing less than a miracle. With his cute little tail that wags every time you come in front of him, the excitement with which he waits for you to return home, the innocence with which he thinks we can play with him ALL day and night, the curiosity with which he sits by your side and look at your fingers and the keyboard when you work on your laptop or play on your phone, he has just made all of us fall in love with him. From my Dad trying to play with him in his own unique ways and justifying his biting to my sister who can actually 'kill' you if you ever dare to call him a dog to my brother who just can’t live without him to my mother who, if asked for her choice would stop us from going out EVER because Oreo ‘becomes sad’ if alone at home, he is pampered in all the ways possible.

Knowing his privileged position at the home, he does misuse it sometimes. Expecting to be fed on the sofa where he lies comfortably or to be massaged every now and then or to be given a place on the bed exactly where you are sitting! And the greatest of all he know how to make you dance around him. He will look at you with those innocent eyes or will just lick your hand after chewing you favorite stuff,. He knows when to show his love! And then we also end up deciding that our Oreo is worth more than any other thing in the world!(yes that how we have spoilt our dog!)

Thats a different thing that he has treated entire sofa as its chewing stick. He has torn most of the cushions at home, carpet and our clothes (mostly new ones!!). But if you closely notice our beloved Dog you will see that he firmly believes in equality. Be it a branded jeans or a road side pajama, be it expensive showcase or something you have created on your own, he treats all of then equally and consider of equal worth for chewing them off. Yes..that hows great our new member is..and we never get tired of praising him or finding as many ‘virtues’ as we can!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pasighat -This is how I grew up..

Childhood… my father’s recent visit brought back childhood memories. Spending time with him reminded me of those days which though not forgotten, have been burried somewhere inside my heart.

Apart from trucks loaded with personnel from Indian army occasionally going towards China border or fear of flood now and then or looking at the bunkers with army jawans on Assam borders and wondering what they are doing in the middle of the market, my childhood has been very ordinary and just like any other kid.

Having spent my childhood in Arunachal Pradesh and most part of it in a small district called Pasighat, my memories are full of my interactions with nature and its creatures!

Many a times, I used to come across weird looking insects, amazing birds or exotic wild flowers names of which I am still not aware of ! Out of them all, I used to come across snakes lot more often, especially in my dad’s garden. And so, I became more interested in then rather than being scared of them. Probably also because of my father who tries to not hurt any living creature (yes…not even an ant…thats how kind my Dad is…believe it). He would just stand and let the snake go wherever he wants to!

With time, I grew more and more interested in their lives. Once I (was in 4thor 5th standard) saw a snake crossing my way while I was on my way to school. I was quite thrilled as it was a “baby snake”. So I decided to follow that creature and see where he lives! But unfortunately, that ‘baby snake’ of mine decided to go inside some bushes rather than to his home and I had to come back disappointed! I remember, once me and my dad even tried taking picture of a black snake sitting beautifully on one of the branches of a tree outside our veranda. But again unfortunately by the time I came with the camera, he left, must be for his home I thought then!

Memories of going to Siang River (Bhramaputra) which was just 10 minutes away are still fresh in mind. Collecting pebbles and small pieces of wood lying by the side of river, used to be our favorite pass time.

Quite lucky I was to have a comparatively bigger house with trees of mango, jack-fruit and neem in the courtyard. Having a bigger house meant having more space to play. So it used be our playground during lunch breaks. Most common of all, was the game of “bhaga-bhagi” where we use to run and catch each other. Our lunch time used to extremely hectic as we had to finish eating (which never used to very important as for that we had the option of during classes- it is an art in itself… isn't it?) and yes then taking turns on the swing which my father had put on the mango tree and then playing in the water if it’s a rainy season. Rains are quite often in that part of the country, so it used to be hardly a reason to stop us from playing or running around. Drenched in water, we used sit in classes with our wet socks and sweaters drying on the top of our desks. Teachers were quite cooperative too, used to leave us with just a dry smile!

So this is how I have grown- looking at the mountains covered with snow in winters or with dense forests in summers, waking up with gentle strokes of breeze, going for tutions at 5 in morning with sun shining beautifully above you. Beautiful are the days of my childhood which still bring a smile on my face.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Social Hibernation

So are you socially active or inactive? Don’t you think being active all the time gets too tedious? We have in a way started living our lives online. Tons of novels out there are narrating stories of love affairs that have started on online, stories made and broken without meeting each other even for once. Why just stories? Even your friends or friends’ friends or you yourself would have experienced this overflow of social life. Isn't all this surprising and sometimes intrusive too.

I don’t know about others, but I have often felt the need to break free and create some space and time for myself. "Once in a while social hibernation is necessary", says one of my friends. And another literally goes on vanishing for one or two weeks at a stretch, keeping in touch with just one or two. Everyone has its own way of handling this constant scrutiny by others.

I am not here to blame any system or way of our living. As a social being we all need each other. But seclusion is as important as socializing. Spending time with yourself is as essential as spending time with your loved ones. Isn’t it?

Cutting off all contacts with the world outside and giving yourself some quality time can be quite relaxing. Reading a book without mails or calls to disturb, watching a movie, writing something just for myself or simply sleeping as much as I want are few things which bring me closer to myself and let me appreciate my social life even more. Try taking a break, you are sure to like it. :)