Sunday, May 8, 2011

Social Hibernation

So are you socially active or inactive? Don’t you think being active all the time gets too tedious? We have in a way started living our lives online. Tons of novels out there are narrating stories of love affairs that have started on online, stories made and broken without meeting each other even for once. Why just stories? Even your friends or friends’ friends or you yourself would have experienced this overflow of social life. Isn't all this surprising and sometimes intrusive too.

I don’t know about others, but I have often felt the need to break free and create some space and time for myself. "Once in a while social hibernation is necessary", says one of my friends. And another literally goes on vanishing for one or two weeks at a stretch, keeping in touch with just one or two. Everyone has its own way of handling this constant scrutiny by others.

I am not here to blame any system or way of our living. As a social being we all need each other. But seclusion is as important as socializing. Spending time with yourself is as essential as spending time with your loved ones. Isn’t it?

Cutting off all contacts with the world outside and giving yourself some quality time can be quite relaxing. Reading a book without mails or calls to disturb, watching a movie, writing something just for myself or simply sleeping as much as I want are few things which bring me closer to myself and let me appreciate my social life even more. Try taking a break, you are sure to like it. :)


  1. I am not in an agreement with u over this...socializing doesn't mean, somebody is scrutinizing you...
    We develop our social circle by its wrong to say that one can have some space by cutting off from others or by doing things which we enjoy..
    We can give ourselves time anywhere..and if one doesn't feel that ppl around them are alien..then its all our each moment with its own essence....

  2. I sleep- the entire day on Sunday. I don't switch off my cell, i just don't receive the calls on my cell so that i can call them back on my discretion. But yeah reading has become a lot less but i guess social hibernation is not a solution for this... i think fitting in time for yourself in your daily routine is a much healthier habit than hibernating once in everywhile

  3. @Charu: I agree with you that we develop our social circle...and our frineds have been chosen by us only..I don't mean to deman any relationship as I have my own and respect them too. But I personally feel that living just with oneself is diffrent from living with people around you no matter how important or loved they are. You tend to get invloved in other things ignoring our innerself.

  4. @Fatte: Thats also one of the things I do..and for me thats form my way of social hibernation:)I agree with you about developing a routine to deal with everything and managing time for yourself. But what if someone wants a beak from all these? Hibernating gives me that refreshing break..

  5. Great.

    A social hibernation is much needed!!

  6. @Vyankatesh: Thanks. Yes it is :)

  7. Nicely written Richa! Enjoyed my stay here :)
    Keep writing such lovely write ups!

    By the way, hope you like my post Say no to chlorine

  8. @Romeo Das: Thanks a lot :)
    Yes I have read it..its a nice write up and quite informative..

  9. Simply sleeping is the best, especially in winter! :P According to me, both seclusion and socialising must be balanced :)

  10. @Akash Govindarajan: Definitely...Sleeping is anyday anytime better than the rest of the things! I am a strong supporter of sleep u see :P

    Betwn yes..with social media every where, we gotta be more balanced in the way we lead our lives..