Friday, June 24, 2011

Uncle S..and Cars

Uncle S..has arrived with his new fantasy for cars. Oh no no..not on the latest cars or luxury cars or cheap cars or even toy cars for that matter. How can he have something normal?

Now a days he has found a new work..looking at each and every car in our colony. He is the new self-appointed guard of our colony who is suspicious of each and every car. So what he actually do?? Hmm..we shall look into that right now..

One fine day..

Uncle S..Beta where is your car? (All this started from that very moment!!)
Me- Uncle we don't have it anymore.

Uncle s..Then park your bike at the car's place.
Me.. (What!!) We already have space for that Uncle.

Uncle S..Other people might park their car in front of your house.
Me (As if I care!) Anyway to cut short the conversation, I said-Sure Uncle we will.

After few days..

Uncle s..(again) Beta, is that your car? That blue one, pointing to a car parked near an open area in our colony .
Me..No Uncle, not ours.

Uncle S..- Ok then the other one? That grey Car, is that yours?
Me- (patiently) No Uncle. We don't have any car. That is also not mine. (Why on Earth do you need to know who are the owners Uncle- I thought)

Uncle S..Oh God..Whose car is this? Who has parked this ?

And after getting a unsatisfactory answer from me, Uncle S..decided to ask other neighbors. He went ahead and tortured few more people then.

After enjoying the drama for some time and watching him ask every one about the car almost making everyone feel that its a crime to not know about the car owners! I decided to enlighten him with some information.

Me- Uncle..This blue car belongs to two guys. I have seen them. I guess they live nearby.

Uncle S..Relieved..Thank God..Accha they live in the adjacent colony. Good.

Wondering what made him so tensed. And how a trivial almost negligible information erased all that baseless tension. What was he thinking? Obviously, it is a car and will belong to someone. We are normal people staying in this colony of mine not any multi-billionaire or politician that some one will plant a bomb in car and run away. What was my Uncle thinking?

Anyway, I decided not to challenge my thinking abilities on Uncle and his behaviors and came back to my room.


  1. :D :D Hilarious. Each sentence :)

  2. @ Gayathri: Thanks a lot dear :)

  3. good one loved every bit of it

  4. Girl, Ask Uncle S to find a JOB. SERIOUSLY he needs one. for other peoples sake :P

  5. @ Fatte: He has a job...soon that will come as well :)

  6. hey already waiting for Uncle S and his Job