Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where do I belong?

Do I belong to this group or that group? Am I a post-modernist or a feminist or a Marxist? Do I need to be one? What if I don’t want to belong to any of these? What if I want to imbibe thoughts from all these and develop my own? Why is it so important to identify yourself with an established identity? Why do we need to make an identity by borrowing or by associating ourselves with others? I am not here to say identifying yourself with something or someone for that matter is bad. It can act as an inspiration as well. But do we need to force ourselves into this?

Some say belong to the society you are living in. Others say try to be like the people you are living with or interacting with. Many say identify yourself with “them” as you are one of them. Yes I am one of them. Do I deny it? No, I don’t. But does that mean I have to be exactly like them? They would often say-

Belong to your past, live for your future. But what if I want to live for present?

Belong to a big organization, to a bigger circle. But what if I don’t want to live big?

Make a place for yourself. Make a name for yourself. But what if I want to get lost in the mist?

Live a life so that others can look up to? But what if I don’t want to live a life for others? What if I want to have it just for myself?

Do I still belong anywhere? Do I fit anywhere? Do I need to fit anywhere?