Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So what's your song?

Listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘coming back to life’ always get me in an optimistic frame of mind. We all have a song or few songs that make us happy and get us back on track. Isn’t it? There are some songs that touch your heart more than any other. I am sure you all must be having your own list of songs. A song, to which you can identify with, may be in your own different ways. One song that you can listen for hours and still feels the same way when you play it again.

No matter what I am doing or what I am going through, the moment I plug in to this song, I am in world beaming with positivity and a soothing environment is built around me.

Right now while listening to this particular track of Pink Floyd, I realized how often I listen to this song. Be it morning when I wake up or in a bus or auto when I am traveling or at a super market buying groceries and doing the most boring of all the things!, I can just listen to this song at any time of the day. I have an utterly irritating work assignment to finish, I listen to this song. I feel irritated and need to calm down, l play ‘coming back to life’. I feel low; this song makes me feel good. I feel caught up; this song makes me feel liberated.

Not a fan of one or two artists, I listen to anything and everything. Its not long since I have been listening to this song. Recently I got few lessons on Pink Floyd and yes getting this song was a part of it! And since then it has been one of my favorite songs.

Friday, August 12, 2011

First Proposal…When was it?

A very important question. Isn’t it? Recently I discussed this at length with one of my friends (Yes we girls do discuss all these along with many other interesting topics!)

So how was your first proposal? Did you propose or you got proposed? Did you say yes or did you no? Did you smile or did you frown (which eventually leads to slapping or screaming!)? There are lots of questions. Let me tell you what I did. I grabbed my school bag and ran towards home (literally)! This is one of the few memories of my childhood I remember so clearly.

So here it goes. After my classes, I was coming back to home. As my school wasn’t very far from my house, I used to walk back, mostly alone. I used to take a narrow road from school back gate which directly joined my house. I was coming back when suddenly a tiny boy (of my size then) stopped me. Yes this guy was tiny so was I. Reason? We were in 3rd standard.

He came in front of the gate and stood there. I used to be scared of this fellow because of the scarf he used to tie on his head and was always shabbily dressed. I guess poor dressing sense used to piss me off me even then! So he stood in front of me and said in his Arunchali hindi- “hum tumara saath shaadi korage. Tum mandir aao de”

That’s it. He didn’t say anything else. I was horrified when I heard this. I almost cried because he asked me to marry him! But without losing much on time, I gathered all my strength and ran. After reaching home, I told my eldest sister who was in 8th or 9th standard. The moment I told her, she started laughing, in fact everyone at home did. I was utterly confused. Instead of consoling me (which at that time I needed the most) she started suggesting me various solutions. She even asked me to call that guy home and ask him to consult my Dad regarding marriage!

And that was the first ever proposal I got, a marriage proposal even before I could understand meaning of the word marriage!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

From Salman critic to Salman fan

Yes, there was a time when I couldn’t stand even the sight of Salman Khan, forget about watching an entire movie. From a fan of perfection to someone who finds imperfection more attractive. The change in me has made me admire Salman Khan more and more.

It is not that now I love his movies for each and every part. They are still as stupid as they can be.( All you Salman lovers…don’t take it personally!) My interest in his movies is quite recent. I liked him in Dabbang and yes then in Ready and now I guess I will go for Bodyguard as well. And yes, let me tell you, I have been quite impressed by the strange mannerism of his characters, dialogues, songs of the movies and especially their lyrics!!

The sheer irrationality of his movies is the most attractive part. His movies in some ways are more realistic than any other movie which projects the lead actor as the “virtuous one”. No person in this world is perfect or without any vices, Salman in his movies projects this in the best way possible. Isn’t the so called “hero” just another human being? So why can’t he lack in few aspects but at the same time have some qualities worth admiring. His movies imply that it is perfection but imperfection which is more real and natural. We all are imperfect; we all lack in some or other way. And I guess that’s the reason why we are human. Salman Khan projects a picture of imperfection which attracts me more than a hero who kills all the “bad” ones in the world or who will give his life by using “righteous” methods and save his love!

But above all why I like his movies is also because of the reason that I don’t have to use my brain at all. You can just put your brain, your logic to rest and enjoy his movies. They are impractical, they are strange, they are meaningless but they are fun :)