Sunday, October 30, 2011

While I was waiting…

I was waiting for the train…an endless wait. I felt as if I have been waiting all my life without any sign of hope. I couldn’t see it coming. I couldn’t hear it coming, no announcement, no flashing light to mark its arrival. I was just waiting, waiting alone. My friend had to leave early, so here I was left alone to wait for it to arrive.

And while I was waiting at 11 in night on a comparatively deserted station, I entertained many eyes, targeted on your “you know what”. Then suddenly one uncle came, a middle aged healthy man and stood in front of me. Without saying a single word, he just observed me and my bag for good five minutes. So obviously, out of courtesy (read generosity) I stood up and offered my seat to the uncle (this is when I was unwell, so now you know why its generosity). He sat immediately (as expected). After a while he decided to pass on his hard-earned worldly knowledge. He spoke about everything, from suggesting me ways to get on to the train to cautioning me on being alone late at night. Blah...blah…and he continued speaking. I had to tolertae him not for long as train arrived after sometime, best timing ever. Before Uncle could say anything, I was shifted myself away from him and started getting ready to board the train.

But wait, I saw A2 amongst the first few coaches. I have stationed myself at the end, where all the a/c coaches generally are. So what do I now? hmmm, I started running.

Suddenly my uncle shouted from behind: beta a/c is here
Me: No uncle…A2 is there.

And I ran.

With my heavy bag (going by my standards), I ran. In that one minute (or may be less) of running, I decided many a things. First decision which I took was to go back and kill my friend if in case I miss the train (Oh don’t go for logic / justification, I was angry!). Pushing people apart, making way for myself, I pitied myself for being all alone (yes, I do get dramatic once in a while). Then I immediately congratulated myself for being so capable and independent. (capable- because I was running and carrying the bag...both at the same time!)

While trying to run and push peeple aside, I started wondering, whether I am running in the right direction or not. What if I have to run backwards? As I am exceptionally capable of getting lost, even in the simplest of the lanes, there were high chances of me running in the wrong direction. Yet I continued to run, wondering whom to ask. Then suddenly amidst groups of passengers, I saw an angel…an angel in black coat who uttered two golden words. When I went to him and asked which direction is the coach a2, he pointed in the direction I was running and said- “this way”.

And then again I ran…and I ran and jumped into my coach (quite literally!). While running, along with plans to kill and congratulating myself, I also dreamed of meeting some Sharukh on the coach waiting for me to board the train. But alas, there was no one. Sigh!


  1. GOod narration ! got a feel of experiencing it and very simple to visualize it :)


  2. Oh! your presentation is like a river flowing very fast.Nice read.
    Thanks for this awesome writing.

    If you like Hindi blogs,pl. visit mine also.

  3. intesrestingf.. yes your narration makes simple things seem so interesting which we would hardly notice normally:)

  4. A 'jab we met' sequel without a hero...lovely post, enjoyed it...

  5. @ Deepak Karthik: thanks a lot n yeah thanks for the link too..i would love to read it

  6. @ Rakesh Kumar: thanks a lot. thats very encouraging. Yes I would love to read something in Hindi. thanks for the link.

  7. @ Saru Singhal: oh I wish there was a hero ;) betwn thanks a lot :)

  8. Ha Ha... Funny. I imagine what it'd be like- sitting in a Waiting room- and people watching you.

    Also, I seriously hate uncles who fail to mind their own business and believe its their dharma to teach life to aaj kal ke bachche :P

    But you should have had shahrukh Khan over there... seriously :P

  9. @ Fatte: oh yeah..i fact not Shahruk..Farahan should have been there :P

  10. awwwwwww!! SRK is never there when we need him the most :) I can imagine being in such a rush and have a fun way of blogging ;) I liked it <3

  11. @TheBluntBlogger: so true..he should leave all his movies and come in real to entertain us! thanks a lot for liking :)

  12. pain and pleasure is what you feel
    pain is the shadow of pleasure
    pleasure, a shadow of pain
    hopeful says pain or pleasure , not a deal.

    liked your take on pain.. joined your site too (the e magazine)

  13. @ Readitt: so true are these words..between thanks a lot for dropping by :)