Monday, November 28, 2011

So what happens when you have a dog?

When you own a dog or when a dog owns you (which ever suits you better) more than being controlled by your dog or being his/her “pet”, it starts affecting you mentally as well. No no…we don’t start eating Pedigree…and in our case Royal Canin. (Thank God for that!) But this doesn't mean that crisp sound of Pedigree is any less tempting! But don’t you worry I am NOT going to eat pedigree no matter what!

So where was I? Yes how it affects us, the so called “dog owners” (dog owners! Ha!)? Our lives start revolving around our pet. No? Let me give you a glimpse of my daily routine which goes like this…

First thing first- I get up in morning and come down to hall where Oreo(Don’t know Oreo? Please refer!) is generally lying on the sofa. He will look at me and turn in way so as command me to come and massage him. And I dutifully follow his command. So even before my morning ablutions, the first thing that I do is to massage my lovable Dog Oreo!

And then after a short break in which I am supposed to finish eating and other important “stuff”, when I come back to the hall, I am again required to play with him. Oh that doesn't mean simple fetching and throwing of ball. This includes real play…with hell lot of energy. My Oreo loves to play tug of war with me. And yes, there are times when I go and fetch the toy and he just sits and looks at me (Literally!)

After all this hard work, when I go to back my room so as to work, this handsome guy decides to visit me once in every one or two hour. He will come and sit next to me. Or just put his head on the side my lap and sleeps off. This when I already have laptop on my lap!

Then I out of habit or sheer loyalty, I leave my work and starts massaging him! Not just once or twice but EVERY SINGLE TIME!Later in evening, my work is to go to terrace and play with him or to simply put my work is to run with him.

This is not the only attention this guy or yeah "dog" gets. In between all this, my brother plays with him before going to office and after coming back. Along with this, whoever is in our house has to play with him for some time at least (this has kind of become a protocol for entering our house!) Right now my sister has come down from Mumbai. And yes her major task is to play with him as much as she can. Apart from all this, in afternoon, our dog walker also comes and takes Oreo for walk. Oh yeah, he also has auto wala who actually came yesterday and took him for a ride because Oreo loves to autos more than cars! And his list of luxuries doesn't end here. He has his toys couriered directly from California because in Bangalore we don‘t get really nice dog toys you see!

Hmm…how I wish I was Oreo. Okay where was I initially? What happens when you have Dog? Hmm this happens…you plan to write about yourself but you end up writing only and only about your Dog’s life. I started with how my day with him generally goes and I ended up telling you all how Oreo spend his day!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can I adopt your grandparents…please?

This time while going to Agra from Hyderabad, all throughout my journey I met uncle and aunties. No handsome dude…no free services of carrying your luggage or getting you tea/ coffee from the station, no treat for eyes, no nothing. Sad huh! Na...not at all. In fact with them it was a different experiences a much better one. Though during the entire journey my work was to open door for uncles, and especially aunties (note-aunties tend to get fatter when compared to Uncle as they grow old. And now thats scary!!), I had some good time receiving their genuine thanks. My journey started with exchanging seat with one of the aunties who had problem walking and thus wanted the lower berth. So I happily exchanged and in return I got yummy snacks to munch on. Some even called me “beta” with so much of lover that I felt like adopting them then and there. Yes, yes you heard it right...I felt like ADOPTING them. Wonder why? Hmm…I have not been very lucky in the area of grandparents. So when it comes to them, I go weak at my knees go all weak. Hmm…so now you know what impresses me…just get your grandparents with you and I am all yours :P

But really..I feel there should be an option for adopting people to serve other relations as well other than just kids! What if I am interested in adoption and not in kids?? I need something right!

Monday, November 7, 2011 emotion so beautiful

I love sad songs…I watch movies that end on a sad note because these are the one that affect me the most. May be sadness is something which I am more comfortable in or may be it is something that interests me more.

Pain is the one of the most intense of all the emotions. Happiness appears shallow sometimes. Pain brings out a better person in you. By better I don’t mean so called “good”. But a person more true, more honest with his/her feelings. Be it hatred or love, be it loath or lust, one ought to be clear in his/her emotions. Sadness gives one the time to introspect and in turn helps you in knowing yourself better. And obviously you become clearer about many things in and around you.

Having said that, I know it can be exactly opposite as well. The pain in you can lead to an ultimate state of confusion as well. Nor am I defying the importance of being happy. It is also an important part of one’s life. After all that is the state we all want to be in all our life. That’s the dream we all strive towards.

But I have felt the stories that touch our soul are the sad ones. Emotion that reaches the deepest corner of your heart is of pain. Have you ever been awake in nights because you are feeling happy? There must be nights when you just can’t sleep, even for few minutes because of the pain you feel. The reason can be anything. This emotion has the power to keep you in its grip more tightly than any kind of happiness. Most beautiful songs, most talented artists, most memorable creations are all because of or after its creators have either gone through something painful or have had a tough life. It brings out the best in you.

Isn’t it the most beautiful of emotions? To me, it is.