Monday, November 7, 2011 emotion so beautiful

I love sad songs…I watch movies that end on a sad note because these are the one that affect me the most. May be sadness is something which I am more comfortable in or may be it is something that interests me more.

Pain is the one of the most intense of all the emotions. Happiness appears shallow sometimes. Pain brings out a better person in you. By better I don’t mean so called “good”. But a person more true, more honest with his/her feelings. Be it hatred or love, be it loath or lust, one ought to be clear in his/her emotions. Sadness gives one the time to introspect and in turn helps you in knowing yourself better. And obviously you become clearer about many things in and around you.

Having said that, I know it can be exactly opposite as well. The pain in you can lead to an ultimate state of confusion as well. Nor am I defying the importance of being happy. It is also an important part of one’s life. After all that is the state we all want to be in all our life. That’s the dream we all strive towards.

But I have felt the stories that touch our soul are the sad ones. Emotion that reaches the deepest corner of your heart is of pain. Have you ever been awake in nights because you are feeling happy? There must be nights when you just can’t sleep, even for few minutes because of the pain you feel. The reason can be anything. This emotion has the power to keep you in its grip more tightly than any kind of happiness. Most beautiful songs, most talented artists, most memorable creations are all because of or after its creators have either gone through something painful or have had a tough life. It brings out the best in you.

Isn’t it the most beautiful of emotions? To me, it is.


  1. A thought provoking piece. Actually it has set me thinking What you say actually seem to be true and for the first time in my life I am not that afraid of being sad/or in pain.

    Thanks for this!

  2. I agree with Prachi, it's a thought provoking post. Second para justifies your take. I think sad emotions bring the best in you and make you a better human being...Also, you dwell over it with heart and mind. Happiness is attributed with heart only!

  3. @Prachi: thanks dear :)

    @ Saru Singhal: True..saddnes makes you think and feel both at the same time..happiness is mostly feelings..

  4. Hi, Richa
    Its true “Pain brings out a better person in u” & some time it also changes our approach on life .
    And also write ups on you are journey’s was so inspiring .
    ( give yourself a chance to get to know your friend again)

  5. "Sadness gives one the time to introspect" --very true.

  6. @ Anonymous: thanks a lot :) it would be great to know you as well :)

  7. @gurufrequent: thanks for stopping by..hoping to see you often :)