Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is the moment really dying?

“What is life? Its all about experience” He said.

She nodded in agreement. To a great extent she has always agreed to this. Trying to live her life on the same principle, she has changed many cities, experienced many a things, good and bad and yes have moved on as well..

“Go to a new city, meet new people, live a new life” He continued.

Lost in thoughts, she nodded again.

He would often say nothing is as special as experiencing something new. "Special moments with new people make life worth living. Experience a moment, it has the power to touch deepest corner of your heart.", he used to say.

"It’s a moment which defines the very essence of life. What is life after-all? Culmination of many moments together.” he would say. How could she not agree to this? It was something he believed in? It was something she also made herself to believe in. In fact, she has also desired to lead her life in such a way that experiences never cease to knock her doors. She has always felt the power of moments.

This is how we also met, she thought.

It was the openness to accept a totally different person, an excitement to experience something new, a readiness to evolve together that brought them closer. And yes it was an experience worth experiencing to say the least. It was an experience so dear, so close to heart…

But today here at the deserted corner of this railway station, she is now questioning, questioning not just one or two but everything. Here she is, wondering whether these tracks are separated from each other or are companion for their lives.

Moments have always been an underlined topic in his discussions. Moments...are they so special? Or did he make them so special? Moments, why just moments?

Tonight she is out to experience something new. Time has arrived. She has always craved for this and now is the time. She is moving to a city unknown, to faces unseen, to a world unheard of, to a life entirely new. She has always desired newness in her life. But now when it is right in front of her, her feet refuse to move. She should be excited but why is she not? She should be looking forward to it but why is she looking back? What is holding her back? Why is it so difficult? Too many questions in her mind but she fails to answer.

"As I travel alone in this crowded world these moments that I have experienced are going to accompany me. they will be my side, all my life. It was an experience I will cherish all my life" She thought. Or is it this experience she wants to live all her life? Does she want to save this moment from dying? Those few moments, special moments, which are now dying. Are they actually? What is it, she fails to understand..

Loud Siren…flashing light brought her back to the world she was in.

Still lost in her thoughts, she lifted her bag. Quickly wiping off that uninvited drop of tear, she went ahead…

Friday, December 9, 2011

From the tainted glass of my window…

If you are a frequent travel by train, you must have noticed few things which are common to all the journeys. Mostly travelled on the routes like Bangalore-Guwahati, Bangalore-Agra, Hyderabad-Agra, Bangalore-Mumbai, Agra-Guwahati, Bangalore-Hyderabad, Agra-Delhi, I have noticed there few sights which connect all these train journeys.

No matter where you go, you are subjected to certain views for sure. Don’t you remember looking at the tiny kids or our respected elders donating their “share” to Mother Earth early in the morning? This is most common of all the sights. You can also get glimpses of the “daring” young India. Group of young friends sitting ON the railway tracks is quite common. I am sure railway tracks make for an interesting hang out.

Slums on the outskirt of the cities and huge garbage dumps greet you as soon as you enter any big city. These small houses with tin as their roofs and which are nothing more than shabby tents present a strong contrast from the multi storied glass buildings of the city located just few kilometers away.

Vast stretches of fields, lushness of crops makes for a refreshing sight. I can spend hours looking at the seemingly unending expanse of Mango trees or just at the open space where even barren land looks so intriguing. Have you ever noticed the way sand changes its colour as you move from one state to another? The colour changes from red to back, so do the architectural pattern of the houses, the way they live and dress.

But there are some which are worth remembering all your life. For example, this time I saw goats, yes GOATS not monkeys or squirrel walking on the walls. And to tell you the wall was decently high!