Monday, December 17, 2012

The year that went by

Today on Facebook I saw few friends sharing how their 2012 was. It made me look back at my year too. To say the least, it was EVENTFUL. Never ever I will forget this year.

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“Change is inevitable”. I know it’s a cliche but it does describe my 2012 perfectly. The year started with surprises and is still surprising (yeah some were not so delightful!) I had few worst moments of my life as well as the best ones. Made some new friends, got in touch with some old besties who stood by my side and showed what really friends are for. Thanks to them for being in my life. And looks like few made an entry in my life for the sole purpose of filling it with love and happiness.  Thanks to them (yes)again!

Although I rarely admit but I am basically an (very) emotional person whose life around her folks and friends. And off course around cheese burst pizzas, the restaurant Little Italy, movies and BAGS and a dream of publishing my book (little too much in future, we shall talk about it soon).

 So where I was? Yes my people (no I don’t head a kingdom, I just like calling them “MY” people) and my life. This year was mostly pleasant. My brother, after his years of dream, finally launched his designing firm Devant Design.  My brother in law got his seat into CMC Vellore and is now turning his dream of becoming the best neurosurgeon of the country into a reality. My Dad retired after his 30 years of services and is now back to comfort and life of LOTS of pooja and reading which he always wanted to do! My mother made it to a few places she always wanted to visit. And yes, I had some worth cherishing moments with my sisters which let me tell you are quite “special”.

Coming back to me, two companies (working for one from the scratch) , a LOT of drama, and two wonderful trips is what my 2012 was all about. And yes it was during this year when I gathered enough confidence to publish my poems on this blog (at last). :)  It was indeed a roller coaster ride. My experiences, both professional and personal, taught me how blind trust is nothing but lethal. And fortunately/unfortunately I had not just one but many eye openers. However, the moment I started losing, things got better. So I guess trusting too much is not a bad thing after all. Isn't it? It just took a little longer for the rays to clear those dark clouds up there. But believe me it does get clearer and definitely better.

And now that the world is not going end, I am looking forward to 2013. The year, as I can see it, is full of challenges.  But I guess I am ready…so let them come…Welcome 2013! J

Monday, August 20, 2012

Into Green

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By the window side, with faces unknown
She sits amidst them,
looking at the red soil.
The Ploughed Soil.

Beholding the farmer,
She sits there, by the window.
The Farmer, 
Who is straightened with faith even when creased with fears,
As he waits for the red to turn green

She looks out, into his eyes.
while ignoring those inside, waiting for her
like the vultures for the dying to die.
Sitting there still, she moved ahead.

Away from the crumbled bed covers,
Leaving the warmth of blanket,
That yellow blanket, thrown at that corner most corner of the seat
Leaving that bottle half empty,
that packet of chips half eaten

Leaving the farmer, the anticipation behind
Like drop of rain journeying away from clouds
She moved ahead
To the Earth,
to turn it green.

Dead Love

Cracking the same joke, 
Humming the same song
With a spark in the air,
Will they remember the forgotten?

With eyes expressing the unsaid
hearts cherishing the past
yet confessing the present
Will they make memories again?

And love?
To that they said…
It died. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I went out
Looking for it
Papa had pointed it out…
Pointing his finger...
“Look at the snake”, he said
Curled up on the branch,
Dark black.
Jet black with a smile,
he looked at me
with his tongue spitting out-
The Venom.

But Papa has said, smilingly
“Look at it”.
“Don’t harm it”.
“Capture it”.

So I went out,
with that camera,
which had role.
That long role,
with memory of past
Memories.. sweet memories as we call them
When we smile,
Because they say cheese

With that camera of memories
I went out
But wait,
Where did the Snake go?
I searched
I am searching
That black snake with
Venomous smile.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

That bowl of nothingness

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“Just swim in it”, he said
Sliding her gently into the water
Putting in to the bowl.
that bowl of water, kept at the corner-most corner of the room
Released her from the warm cup of his hands
to the coldness of new life

Just swim in it, he had said
So she tried.
Slipping away from the soothing roughness of his hands
to the glaring softness of  water.
She just dived in.

Swimming is what he expected

Was it for decoration?
To lighten
those blues of past darkening his room,
with her golden brightness
Or for inspiration?
To endure a life out of life
with her surviving in that bowl of nothingness

Swim with the flow, he said
placing her into the stillness of that bowl
And she did. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Image Courtesy: sawshk (Flickr)

Caught in the whirlwind of emotions,
like sunrays in the mist
you struggled for clarity

Trapped in the shadows,
you couldn’t look into her
in her eyes, staring at yours
searching for something they could never find

Busy examining her body
you failed to probe her soul
oblivious to her yearning,
you quenched your thirst

As the moment faded
you wondered, if anything she feared
if she was unsure or scared
you questioned
a woman whose eyes, yes, looked away
for what she saw in yours

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lets share, if you are willing to
you voice your woes
seeking hugs comforting
reassuring you of good times yet to come
But happiness?
you cling to it, hiding the joy
like a child to its favorite toy
seeking permanence, you hope for eternity

trying to erase that despair,
with an anguish for the changing time
you create more around
busy measuring your own smile,
you miss the delight of seeing others
maybe you never cared for the faces around

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I remember

Breaking into a song so swiftly
unsure of the lyrics, you would sing aloud
I still remember

Sometimes, with eyes closed,
your lips would move
creating a song so beautiful

I remember you, bursting into laughter so loud
at a place calm and poised,
you would talk with a sudden thud

Defying everything in every way
even yourself at times so many

I remember you, like a child,
eager to taste the world
you would run

run from everything
even from yourself at times so many

I like I saw that child in you
that I didn't see I in you
But a You! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Charcoaled life

With life charcoaled
I miss that rustic touch
Sight of soiled feet
Defying the hesitation
With the plunge so smooth

I miss hearing
Hustling sound of excited leaves
Making movements so swift
The Sudden splash of water
Banishing the drops so pure

Why doesn't earth smell the same?
Why rock no longer soothes me with its roughness?
Why is this breeze not caressing my hair?

Is it me or you?
Or just the time
playing its deafening music.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Became you...

Transparent glasses
Blinding me with their colors
Pale yellow or red bright
No it looks blue
I guess green
May be just white

Clinking these glasses
Half empty and half full
I hear the sound you would

These empty glasses
Surrounding me with smiles fake
I sit here
Amidst these relations at stake

With these glasses colorless
Blinding me with colors
I sit here the way you would

To be away from you
I became you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You lost me...

Stroke tenderly my love
Leaf pleads the wind

But was the wind to listen
With all his might
In fieriness or may be fright
He shook the leaf
And passed by

Falling apart from the tree
She could say just these
Oh my love you lost me…

My amateurish attempt to write a tiny poem!