Friday, April 13, 2012

Became you...

Transparent glasses
Blinding me with their colors
Pale yellow or red bright
No it looks blue
I guess green
May be just white

Clinking these glasses
Half empty and half full
I hear the sound you would

These empty glasses
Surrounding me with smiles fake
I sit here
Amidst these relations at stake

With these glasses colorless
Blinding me with colors
I sit here the way you would

To be away from you
I became you!


  1. You Became me, My Love to be away from me.
    And I now wish to be with you, that you are me!

    Wonderful Poem. Masst. We want more :)

  2. @Fatte: you also in a mood to write I wrote these lines now or these extension suggested to mine? but naice! :)

    And yes thanks a lot :)

  3. This is really interesting…