Saturday, June 23, 2012

That bowl of nothingness

Image Courtesy: Google Images

“Just swim in it”, he said
Sliding her gently into the water
Putting in to the bowl.
that bowl of water, kept at the corner-most corner of the room
Released her from the warm cup of his hands
to the coldness of new life

Just swim in it, he had said
So she tried.
Slipping away from the soothing roughness of his hands
to the glaring softness of  water.
She just dived in.

Swimming is what he expected

Was it for decoration?
To lighten
those blues of past darkening his room,
with her golden brightness
Or for inspiration?
To endure a life out of life
with her surviving in that bowl of nothingness

Swim with the flow, he said
placing her into the stillness of that bowl
And she did.